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any one of three large skeletal muscles that form the buttock and move the thigh

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How does strengthening of the whole group gluteus medius and minimus influence activity in other abductor muscles?
In this case, even though fasciotomy was performed and a dusky gluteus medius had return of color intraoperatively, the sciatic nerve was, in all likelihood, already severely damaged.
In the pelvis, the sciatic nerve runs between the gluteus maximus and the pelvis external rotator complex, making it susceptible to compression by swelling of the gluteal muscles.
The tape was activated at proximal anchor point and laid over the gluteus medius with slight tension due to the adduction of the hip.
During the midstance phase of the gait cycle, contraction of the tensor fascia latae and gluteus maximus muscles create a compressive force that is transmitted through the length of the entire femur that prevents it from bending with the application of ground-reactive forces during midstance.
Muscles worked - Erector Spinea (Lower Back) Gluteus Maximus (Bum), Quadriceps & Hamstrings (Legs) As we can see we're hitting a lot of the same muscles multiple times throughout each different movement which is what we'll be aiming for as the more stress we put the muscle under the more it will grow
Sorry, Tom: as ever, Lawnmower was talking through his gluteus maximus and the injurious little weed deserves a painful pruning.
An additional role of the third trochanter is probably to alternate the direction of the insertion tendon of the gluteus maximus muscle.
Em equinos, a ultrassonografia tem sido usada com boa confianca e repetibilidade na avaliacao biometrica do Longissimus Dorsi, Musculus Multifidus, Gluteus Medius e Biceps Femoris (KERSTEN & EDINGER, 2004; STUBBS et al.
IN the name of the Holy Gluteus Maximus, make it stop.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Figures 1 and 2, showed an expansive process compatible with lipoma in the gluteal region, between the gluteus maximus and medius.
The SGAP flap provides an ample amount of tissue, with good vascularity, to cover large sacral pressure sores in one stage and does not sacrifice the vascularity or innervation of the underlying gluteus maximus muscle.
The five muscles are Adductor Magnus, Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Rectus Femoris and Iliacus.