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any one of three large skeletal muscles that form the buttock and move the thigh

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results that reported postural control deficits had been observed in those with CAI when evaluated using dynamic assessment techniques examine by SEBT (20), Decreased scores of two tests of functional performance tests and static and dynamic balance tests indicated that gluteal muscles have a very important role in lower extremity injuries such as ankle injuries especially acute or chronic sprains, so we recommend to all specialists, physiotherapists and coaches to pay attention to the entire kinetic chain (resistance to hip muscles fatigue exercise) for recurrent sprain prevention and rehabilitation after occurrence ankle sprain.
On the third visit the patient described a severe exacerbation of her rectal and gluteal pain, return of pain with bowel movements, and an incidence of bleeding during a bowel movement.
And, as part of your strength-training regimen, don't forget to target the gluteal and hamstring muscles that are so vital for your daily functioning, Lawton advises (see the exercises in the chart, below).
Physical examination showed a tense and tender right gluteal compartment; 0/5 strength on the manual muscle test throughout the right lower limb, hip, knee and ankle; decreased sensation to light touch throughout the right lower limb, including the dorsal and plantar foot; insensate dorsum and plantar right foot; and palpable pedal pulses, 1+ on the right and 2+ on the left.
The measurement of gluteal compartment pressure may be especially helpful in unresponsive patients where symptoms like pain or paresthesias cannot be assessed.
The bilateral gluteal flaps were well integrated in the recipient area, no scar contractures were present and the skin was soft and pliable (Figure 8).
Bottom Line & A Core Defined is a fitness DVD offering a Pilates-based strength workout especially useful for toning one's core, including gluteal and abdominal muscles.
INTRODUCTION: In human anatomy, the third trochanter is a bony projection occasionally present on the proximal femur near the superior border of the gluteal tuberosity.
Fellow century-maker Tim Ambrose is a doubt for the Bears' next game, against Yorkshire at Headingley, after suffering a gluteal strain.
One of the century-makers, Tim Ambrose, is a doubt for Warwickshire's next game, against Yorkshire at Headingley, after suffering a gluteal strain while batting in the second innings.
This is commonly referred to as the cruciate anastomosis, which is a collateralisation between the inferior gluteal (internal iliac), medial circumflex femoral, lateral circumflex femoral and the first perforating branch (profunda femorus).
The present study discusses treatment methods that we employed at our hospital for patients with Nicolau syndrome in the gluteal region, as well as possible etiologies and risk factors for the development of this syndrome.
When your gluteal muscles get lazy, they force the hamstrings and lower-back muscles to do their job of rotating the femurs in their sockets and extending the hips.
Among the clues: The giant roos' bones suggest a body too heavy for hopping, and their hips flared with room for attaching big gluteal muscles like those that help humans balance on one leg while stepping forward, Janis and colleagues say October 15 in PLOS ONE.
Bale has not played in any of Madrid's five matches since the international break, due to a gluteal muscle injury.