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Synonyms for gloze

to conceal or make light of a fault or offense

to give a deceptively attractive appearance to

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Even in confessing that he is someone who tends to "spy into abuses" and find faults (3.3.150-51), (31) Iago plays the role of the clever false friend as Plutarch describes it, for Plutarch says that such men "have learned forsooth to knit and bend the brows, they can skill, iwis, to flatter, and yet look with a frowning face and crabbed countenance, they have the cast to temper with their glavering glozes some rough reprehensions and chiding checks" (63).
Elsewhere, authors are sampled or alluded to for the purpose of puns, and scholarship and book learning are dismissed as laughably futile commodities: "The information I sought," the sex-confused Pat avers, "had certainly not been published in a book" (86); and Airedale Donaghue, upon greeting Pat, is imagined to be a scholar whose magnum opus is "an edition (apparatus criticus, glozes on glozes, conjectures about scholiasts' conjectures) of some commentary on a commentary (probably a late-Alexandrian critique of a mid-Alexandrian grammarian)" (105).