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Synonyms for gloze

to conceal or make light of a fault or offense

to give a deceptively attractive appearance to

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Roget's Thesaurus lists gloze under "misinterpret", alongside misexplain, misteach, misconstrue, pervert, twist words, misquote, falsify, garble, misrepresent, travesty, parody, caricature.
Similar sorts of points are illustrated by the treatment of the following, where OED2 gives no indication that the senses designated are obsolete, obsolescent, or insufficiently exhaustive: alimony (sense 1, 'nourishment; supply of the means of living, maintenance', quotations ranging from 1656 to 1876); extinguish (v., sense 2b, 'to "quench" or totally obscure by superior brilliancy; to "eclipse", put completely in the shade', quotations dated 1551, 1591, and 1863); disbloom (one quotation, dated 1884); gloze (v., sense 2, 'to veil with specious comments, etc.', quotations ranging from 1390 to 1884; cf.
Among numerous pensums for postmodernists in Four Lectures we get this one: "Instead of what has always been known to be depth, complexity and pressure/of spiritual thought, you can always make it on hijinks, gloze, and chicanery, /like a COKE machine.
This will allow rating firms to gloze over fundamental weaknesses in the portfolios of major banks and assuage the concerns of skittish investors going into the first quarter of 2008.
(35) While Vogler's composition embodies music--the expression of his soul--Browning implies that Master Hugues's fugue only reflects the futile intellectualizing of the modern age: "Nothings grow something which quietly closes I Heaven's earnest eye: not a glimpse of the far land / Gets through our comments and glozes" (ll.
While Plume glozes over his company by suffusing it with domestic and rustic overtones, the new "colony" on the front that plants a rural order into the warzone is premised on first destroying Shrewsbury.