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compartment on the dashboard of a car

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"If your car is parked up and the sat nav is locked in the glove compartment thieves can still tell it is there and will break into your car.
Press, 1990) and Many Glove Compartments: Selected Poems (trans.
Glove Compartments: Selected Poems (Burning Deck Press, Providence,
They fit in purses, briefcases, glove compartments or emergency boxes.
The desire to offer his employees better benefits and a safe workplace prompted Ronald Webster, CFO of Fennville, Michigan-based West Michigan Flocking & Assembly, a 105-employee firm that manufactures a special "flock" fiber finish that it applies to car parts like glove compartments and CD trays for decoration and noise reduction purposes, to turn to ADP TotalSource, a Miami-based PEO.
If the electric car is going to be a success, we need test drivers who won't open glove compartments. We also need batteries that last.
At this point the test driver invariably makes a stupid mistake like opening the glove compartment, causing the glove compartment light to come on, and the battery pack to go up in flames, all of which goes to show that there's an awful lot of energy being wasted on pointless accessories like glove compartment lights.
It includes closed or open glove compartments, consoles, or other receptacles located anywhere within the passenger compartment, as well as luggage, boxes, bags, clothing, and the like."(27) The Court, however, did not authorize the police to search an automobile's trunk incident to the arrest of an occupant.
Most courts allow the search of locked glove compartments incident to arrest.(28) For example, in Wisconsin v.
When a legitimate search is under way, and when its purpose and its limits have been precisely defined, nice distinctions between closets, drawers, and containers, in the case of a home, or between glove compartments, upholstered seats, trunks, and wrapped packages, in the case of a vehicle, must give way to the interest in the prompt and efficient completion of the task at hand.
Acting Inspector Dean Young, from Chace Avenue Police Station, said: "They are breaking into the cars, taking locking wheel nuts from glove compartments and using them to remove the wheels.
And if they leave them in their glove compartments switched on thieves have ways of picking up the signal and know they are there.
As you know, there are glove compartments in most cars and people could, instead of leaving valuable items on the seats of their cars, put them in the glove compartments but they don't.
These include dash panels, consoles, glove compartments and compartment doors, door handles, caps, door panels, and more.