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compartment on the dashboard of a car

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John, 81, said: "The friend of my colleague had bought a new car and found the Bible in the glove compartment.
I noticed a hole in the glove compartment right next to me.
The program features yellow stickers that are attached to the bottom left side of a vehicle's rear window and yellow envelopes that are placed in glove compartments and contain a photo, medical history, and prescription drug information.
A check was requested for his details and when he told the officer to look for insurance documents in his glove compartment he led them straight to his drugs stash, which he had hidden in a sock.
The man did not notice anyone following him and he stopped at a shop, leaving the cash in the glove compartment.
The model features a glove compartment lid embroidered with the signature of Wilhelm Maybach, matte black 20-inch wheels and a new radiator grille, exteriors with new Tahiti Black/Patagonia Silver exterior paints, contour lighting, and a laser-engraved light motif in the front armrest.
My instructor, Malcolm, flew to Switzerland a fortnight ago and I remember seeing the brochure in the glove compartment of his car.
Sized to fit in a glove compartment or spare tire kit, the Road Torq ($40), which measures 2.
Blyth Neighbourhood Inspector, Trevor Oakley, said: "Don't leave anything of value on show in your car, or even in the glove compartment.
The guide should be sold in packs of two: one for the daypack, one for the glove compartment.
MORE than 20,000 euros was found in the glove compartment of a Kosovan man's car at Holyhead port.
Each bag is packaged in its own little pouch for easy storage in a glove compartment or handbag.
Always activate the alarm and never leave anything inside, which includes taking everything out of the glove compartment and leaving it open to show there is nothing inside.
Police reported finding a revolver and a bag of marijuana weighing more than an ounce in the glove compartment.
Extra-cost features include electric power steering, a lockable glove compartment and an upgraded sound system.