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Synonyms for glom

take by theft

seize upon or latch onto something

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Their $265,000 study was funded by $57,000 of city taxpayer money along with a bunch of cash glommed out of the city by the state.
We all [a while back] glommed onto the concept of [it being] "Google's version of Facebook," and focused only on comparing the similarities and differences between the two (such as number of users it had, whether "Circles" are "good," and how "hangouts" are weird).
As elsewhere, newspapers in the UK have glommed onto scandals involving gay politicians, but someone who is openly gay tends to be characterized less negatively than one caught in such a scandal who denies being gay.
It's almost impossible to go too large--everybody knows the 6-inch spoon that got glommed by a hungry, 12-inch fish!
"All the grandparents I know have glommed on to the grandchildren, like barnacles with credit cards, and yellow rubber gloves for doing their dishes," Lamott writes.
The very nature of his work precludes followers, aside from someone like Allan Kaprow, who glommed on to aspects of Pollock's process And devised Happenings.
The former pizza chain CEO presumably knows as much about finance as my mother, yet in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, he has glommed onto yet another simplistic variation of the flat tax idea, in which everyone, no matter how rich or poor, would pay the same percentage of his income.
Not surprisingly to anyone with a pulse, the GOP glommed onto that fact as quickly as it could.
From Day One, we used a combination of Act!, Excel, and Outlook kind of all glommed into one.
Stop getting glommed up in all the bureaucratic machinery, the fear and the institutional dysfunction.
Although OEMs and traditional suppliers have glommed onto the SEMA phenomenon, for many of these organizations it is nothing more than a superficial exercise, not one deeply integrated into the way they develop and produce products.
When placed together in a solution, the corresponding DNA strands glommed onto each other, resulting in a dumbbell-shape particle that could find and tag cancer ceils.
"It's the tendency we all have to be glommed on to a number that's presented to us," says John Allen Paulos, a Temple University math professor who designed a statistics course for the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.
Too often cities appear to have been glommed to the point of appearing almost accidental--and often withered in obsolescence as a result.
It's not something I glommed on to because my numbers never got out of the single digits.