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any of various plants of the genus Echinops having prickly leaves and dense globose heads of bluish flowers

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If you spent your summer childhood vacations chopping down bull or Canada thistles, you might now balk at planting a hardy perennial called globe thistle (Echinops ritro) in your garden.
In truth, globe thistle isn't really a thistle, despite its spiky thistle-like leaves.
When blooming is done, you can cut globe thistle back to the fresh growth already growing at the base of the plant.
Expert tip: Although echinops are perennials, it is best to plant new globe thistles every four years.
And then there are those daisies that don't look like daisies - the globe thistles, achilleas, tall ligularias, and silver-leaved artemesias.
Expert tip: Coneflowers combine especially well with ornamental grasses and achillea or yarrow in a natural prairiestyle planting scheme, and in flowerbeds with globe thistles and bee balm to attract bees and butterflies.
The stall specialises in exotic blooms, including South African proteas, tropical anthuriums and globe thistles.
PRICKLY customers they may be, but Echinops or globe thistles, put on a worthwhile show.