globe artichoke

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Mediterranean thistlelike plant widely cultivated for its large edible flower head

a thistlelike flower head with edible fleshy leaves and heart

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In Brazil, the major globe artichoke producer is Sao Paulo state, with predominance of 'Roxa de Sao Roque' cultivar designated to in natura consumption.
BEIRUT: With its intricate exterior, the globe artichoke may seem unapproachable, but with a bit of work the inside of this vegetable -- recently arrived in produce stands for spring -- will give up its tender heart.
Editor's note: We received the following letter regarding Joseph Giannini, a grower from Pescadero who co-authored an article in the October 1973 issue, 'Magnifico … a promising new globe artichoke variety,' with Vincent E.
The globe artichoke (cynara scolymus,) also known as the French artichoke and the green artichoke, is a member of the thistle group in the sunflower family.
London, Mar 11 (ANI): Prince Charles has been accused of 'financially exploiting the gullible' with his herbal detox tincture of globe artichoke and dandelion produced by his company Duchy Originals.
The cattle were brought in more than 100 years ago; artichoke thistle was introduced either at the turn of the century as an ornamental or appeared as an offshoot of the globe artichoke, which is still cultivated as a food crop, according to Pryor.
A globe artichoke requires quite a bit of preparation.
The great big thistle we know as a globe artichoke is a mammoth plant, worth growing because it looks so good and the bracts of the thistle, when taken young enough, are gorgeous to eat.
RECIPE OF THE WEEK Salad with wild sea trout, globe artichoke, courgettes and sea vegetables (serves four) THIS is a wonderfully light and seasonal salad which is currently being featured on our a la carte menu here at Food Social.
Globe artichoke GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT Not only are they delicious when cooked and dipped in vinaigrette, but they also are a stunning structural plant, growing to around 1.5m high with thistle-like arching silvery leaves and ball-like heads, which are removed for cooking.
Try growing thistle-like cynara (a group which includes the cardoon and globe artichoke), which produces handsome foliage and dramatic purple thistle flower heads at the back of a border to add summer interest to shrubs, or allow them to grow through cottage garden favourites.
Extracts of the herbs Milk Thistle and globe artichoke help to protect liver cells from the poisonous effects of excess alcohol and other toxins.
I continued with fish: seared sea bass with borlotti beans, globe artichoke and a mushroom sauce.