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Synonyms for globalize

make world-wide in scope or application


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Globalize Translation services are now divided into 4 packages.
She said "in the case of non-response of the Kuwaiti side to the Iraqi demands to stop the construction of Great Port Mubarak, the nuclear reactor, UN Resolution 833, stealing of oil wells (slant drilling), then, the Iraqi authorities will globalize these issues to the UN."
Moldflow carried out an extensive upgrade of the software (which was only offered in French) to "globalize" the program.
Their hand-painted banners addressed Coca-Cola and the corporate world it represents: "Transnationals = hunger and destruction" and "If you globalize the world, we [will globalize] the resistance!"
To globalize has been to spread freedom, particularly in commerce but also in politics and civil life.
As U.S.-based multi-nationals globalize and expand into Europe, European companies also are expanding abroad.
He brought the relatively unknown Globalize to Turfway Park to win the richly-endowed Grade 2 Spiral Stakes last Saturday ($360,000 to the winner) against a field that would not quite measure up to the best of this season's Classic generation.
"In this world where industry is globalized, where markets are globalized, where communications are globalized, we Christians have to learn to globalize justice, solidarity and fraternity."
Although globalizing is expensive, failing to globalize software can impact future sales.