global warming

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an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere (especially a sustained increase that causes climatic changes)

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Synopsis: Americans' views about global warming haven't changed much in the past year, but partisans have become somewhat more polarized.
The number of those concerned about global warming rose significantly compared to those asked the same question in recent years.
Third, if global warming and climate change is not brought to a sharp halt, the consequences and risks to life on this planet are potentially grave.
AS EVERYONE KNOWS by now, Laurie David, the executive producer of Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, has devoted her considerable Hollywood connections and media skills to global warming publicity.
But some scientists and people question if global warming is actually occurring.
Younger adults are also significantly more likely to think news reports on global warming underestimate the problem.
Global warming and climate change will take several decades to address but of the three, overpopulation is more controllable because it involves human beings.
Pruitt caused controversy earlier in March when he said he did not believe carbon dioxide emissions were a main contributor to global warming.
In New York, where irony pulses through the culture, people ask, "If there is global warming, why is it so cold?"
Conservatives age 60 and above who believe that global warming is happening.
Based on the presumptions of global warming, the medium-term weather pattern for 2009 was for 'barbecue summer' and 'mild winter'.
The Encyclopedia Of Global Warming Science And Technology
How you use land, say by the kinds of animals you raise in your land, the types of plants, or the minerals can affect global warming. You can explore the differences between a used and a non used land to gain a deeper understanding of global warming.
Despite the alarm, most weather forecasters still avoid any mention of global warming on their nightly TV broadcasts.
HAVING read Sir John Harman's full page on global warming I am wondering if I have dyslexia.
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