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Note that for all the eigenproblems considered, we show how initially chosen primal constraints on the respective glob (G, F, or E) can be built in.
Bu calismaya cerrahi olarak tedavi edilen, ana belirtisi belirgin fonksiyonel ve kozmetik olarak dikkat cekici oranda yukari veya asagi atim ile birlikte glob retraksiyonu olan 12 DRS hastasi dahil edildi.
A 2012 paper indicated that fish shooting at a nearby target could time their spit so that the water glob forms shortly before the stream smacks prey.
She must find the source of the deadly Black Globs that invade the Faeries magnificent crystal encrusted 'Chine' while stopping the ravages of the Blood Blossom Trees from destroying her islands fragile ecology.
There are two main types of bare die encapsulation: transfer molding and liquid or glob top.
He induced vomiting and recovered a gooey glob and then went to work trying to put about 20 vomit-covered pieces back together.
GLOB products are available online at <> or at various locations worldwide.
The issue was supported by Citycon's major shareholder, Israeli public multinational real estate company Gazit-Globe Ltd (TLV: GLOB).
I would put a big glob of paint and then a big glob of paint in that and another big glob of paint in that and then slowly swirl them around with a brush.
Berkeley, California-based GLOB crafts its paints from food-grade botanical extracts, so it's even safe for kids aged three and older.
He concluded his conference by saying that UN can make 2010 a year for action on a number of fronts such as widening the circle of legal protection for women and children, working for a nuclear-free world and defusing deadly conflicts around the glob.
Removing chewing gum from clothes is a pain but bunging the item in the freezer before you attempt to peel off the offending glob does help.
The UAE ranked 27 followed by Qatar with 29 and Bahrain 37 in the glob. Tunisia ranked 38 in the centre, Jordan 44 and Oman at 50.
They start with a glob of mud and gradually turn it into a glistening ball that looks like a work of art.