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But for all the travelling and glitziness of her life in fashion, Stella remains as down-to-earth as the rest of her family.
It has neither the glitziness of Miami nor the prefabricated homespun charm of Orlando.
As Viz-O-Matic's glitziness level rises to 10, the landscape itself begins to flutter, like a flag waving in an uncertain breeze.
Called "The Dangers of Glitziness and Other Visualization Faux Pas," Lytle's brief, animated parody of scientific graphics was prepared for and presented at SIGGRAPH 93, held in August in Anaheim, Calif.
Casinos in the Australasia region are not trying to emulate the glitziness of Las Vegas.
What does $850 million get you when you upgrade a structure that embodies the glitziness and vigor of the Big Apple and proclaims itself "the world's most famous arena"?
It was not just the size of the event, or its slick glitziness, it was the sheer quality of the entrepreneurs who were shortlisted for Exchange's annual awards.
While she enjoyed the financial rewards of her husband's creation, Matt - who it's estimated has made Rupert Murdoch and the Fox network over three billion dollars - was uneasy and shunned the glitziness of Hollywood, preferring to concentrate on the comedy cartoon he'd invented and his latest hit Futurama.