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Synonyms for glittery

having brief brilliant points or flashes of light

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Limelight is a glittery ocean green shade and, just like the ocean, it sparkles in the sun.
Of course, it doesn't get more glittery than Strictly Come Dancing, which I was fortunate enough to reach the final of a few years ago.
With the same great taste but with a dash of added shimmer, we look forward to welcoming guests to enjoy our new glittery food innovation."
Most Gifted 9-0, Jan-e-Fida 8-12, Meri Saba 8-10, Dhannak 8-10, Black Secret 8-10, Duran Duran 7-13, Romeo 7-10, Cigar 7-10, Glittery Eyes 7-10.
But I want some gorgeous, glamorous, glittery Easter eggs to eat without guilt or additional weight" - Arlene Phillips (pictured), former Strictly Come Dancing judge.
Libby jewel necklace, PS40, Phase Eight Glittery wrap top, PS26, M&Co Glittery wrap top, PS26, M&Co
Miley Cyrus was all glittery and sensational as always with her sequined green robe and equally heavily sequined orange high-cut leotard she wore for "Sunrise" at the Sydney Opera House.
To celebrate our April/May Photo Issue, we filled Lower Manhattan's Gilded Lily, a gold and glittery basement lounge with a massive, chameleon chandelier that sluggishly changed colors.
From the glittery to the cracked, the collection consists of: Big Glitter Top Coat available in Blue Moonlight, Meteorlight and Goldi-Flecks shades; Big Smoky Top Coat, a semi-transparent black that deepens existing nail polish; Big Shimmer Top Coat featuring shimmering sparkle to add extra dimension to nail color; and Big Crackle Top Coat that creates a "cracked" pattern when applied over dried nail lacquer to give an edgy finish by exposing the base color through the cracks.
The glittery woollen trail is also fun to trace with fingers!
There is also a longA[degrees]wear cream shadow stick in three shades, lipstick in retroA[degrees]red, lip gloss in siren red, high shimA[degrees] mer lip gloss in three shades and nail laquers including one in Tuxedo Black and two glittery choices.
Keeping up the glam, the glittery gal galloped around stage with yet another outfit surrounded by golden adorned dames.
of glittery Instead the former secretary to The Beatles held her counsel for 50 years, breaking her silence just this week.
A bit of sartorial sparkle also never goes amiss at Christmas, and glittery or embellished shoes are a great way to work the look without looking like Tinkerbell.
Accentuate your summer glow and make skin sparkle with a bronze dry oil like these three | The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, PS16 for 100ml ( THIS lightweight oil is non-greasy with a gorgeous smell and glittery finish that left my limbs sparkling.