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Synonyms for glitter

Synonyms for glitter

Synonyms for glitter

the quality of shining with a bright reflected light

the occurrence of a small flash or spark

Related Words

be shiny, as if wet

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The image provides an appropriate transition into the arena scrutinized by Linda Mizejewski - the uniform, glitteringly white, all-female displays of the Ziegfeld Follies.
The icon of Gloriana, glitteringly dressed and borne on a litter by courtier-nobles, went a long way towards countering any rash assumptions about the weakness of a female ruler.
However glitteringly ingenious they may be, these paradoxes have solemn points to make; did they not, they would stand condemned in Donne's own mouth, for he prays to be delivered from those moments "When we are moved to seem religious / Only to vent wit.
Steven Osborne was the steelily muscular pianist, making this less of a wannabe piano concerto and more of the sinfonia concertante it actually is, celesta and keyed glockenspiel supported glitteringly behind him, and Cynthia Millar, such a veteran of the stellar Ondes Martenot part, made me aware of more detail from this futuristic instrument than I've ever heard before: no mere shooting the moon, or space-invading, but caressing nuances, even to the extent of mewing like a kitten.
But we also had the wand-waving Spirit of the Tyne (played glitteringly by ex-Emmerdale actress Charlie Hardwick) and a trip to the underwater world of Atlantis, complete with a terrifying 3D shipwreck swim-through sequence and a great white shark with the ability to thrash around above the audience.
What a tragically unlucky end to a glitteringly successful life.
Later, as the sun also rises, I espy lovely local housemaids walking 'les caniches de Madame' in glitteringly filthy gutters - 'good thoughts' returning when church bells toll.
This is a glitteringly glam look for the festive season, but to avoid looking like you've got dressed in the Christmas decorations box, keep the rest of your outfit and accessories simple.
Stephen Sondheim's glitteringly lugubrious masterwork is high in unexpected ways in an audacious reinterpretation, sure to incite passionate division as sharp and violent as the slash of Sweeney's blade.
It can't be easy and checking into London's glitteringly pretentious Sanderson Hotel, only to be enticed from your room by the sounds of Paul McCartney and other A-listers enjoying Kevin Spacey's party, was a bold move for someone trying to go on the wagon.
Like many playwrights, I find the film world at once starkly inhospitable and glitteringly alluring.
As woman, Plath the mirror is the strict and tightly disciplined achiever who glitteringly fulfilled all expectations, a perfect mirror of acquired parental and social standards of elegance, beauty and achievement--the persona that emitted what Lowell called "the checks and courtesies," her "air of maddening docility," and what Alvarez called an "air of anxious pleasantness" (qtd.
No one could begrudge the fact that Andrew slipped a track of his own on to the disc - a highly individual, glitteringly beautiful instrumental called Gilded Urdu - under the pseudonym The Paganisers.