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Synonyms for glitch

Synonyms for glitch

a fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine


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This glitchy body blur is what the artist calls a "time smear," and as a warping of holo-cinematographic 3-D time-space, it demanded nuanced looking, an intimate dance of temporal subtlety with an object.
That also explains why it may seem a little glitchy (although not too glitchy in my experience).
The still images, looking more sophisticated than the glitchy animation, went further, appearing to be taken as legitimate by some conservative-minded Twitter users.
Glitchy system software and malfunctioning screens can also cause unplanned communications.
You open up a state-run account (it can be glitchy) and for every 80p you put in, 20p is added to be spent on childcare.
And if you were playing it on anything later than Windows 7, you wouldn't face the glitchy colours.
Top time wasters during work include slow or glitchy software programs and devices, beating out meetings and water cooler conversations.
From glitchy audio to shuttering frame rates to texture loading so jarring you'll actually wonder if your game is heading toward a crash, "Tangled Up in Blue" is a prime example of Telltale needing to update its graphic engine.
It's still glitchy and some apps take time to load and even crash.
Most of the advice was reasonable; however, the scope is small and the responses glitchy. For example, when I asked Alexa what to do for a feverish 2-month-old, it advised me to contact my doctor then immediately followed this with recommended antipyretic medication dosing.
The most technology and business savvy companies are also not caught out by glitchy IT; they have up-to-date ERP systems, and telematics systems on their customer's machines that warn of a component's expiry and send spare part order messages to automated warehouses.
Playing Catch-Up: Many employees describe their workplace tech as outdated and glitchy when compared with the technology they use in their personal lives.
That may have been Ellis' intention, as Jan and Josef evidently planned their approach on the fly, were forced to adapt when one of their collaborators didn't show up, and had to improvise when confronted with glitchy weapons and other last-minute surprises.
Yes, glitchy footage that looks like it came from a mobile phone or security camera is still an easy route to making the viewer think it's real, but it's confining and leaning on this for a horror story has long since passed its expiration date.
The holy grail of customer service is that the "best service is no service." Unfortunately, we continue to move rapidly away from such a utopian dream, driven by such problems as glitchy software updates, wrong products being shipped and customers unable to sync a persistent connection between their mobile phones and the Bluetooth-enabled "entertainment centers" in their new vehicles.