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Synonyms for glistening

having a high, radiant sheen

Synonyms for glistening

reflecting light

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This young lady had caught a glimpse of the glistening stranger while standing on the threshold, and had forthwith put on a laced cap, a string of beads, her finest kerchief, and her stiffest damask petticoat in preparation for the interview.
Momentarily they expected to be pounced upon and torn asunder by some of their captors; and, in fact, it was all that Tarzan and Mugambi and Akut could do to keep the snarling, ill-natured brutes from snapping at the glistening, naked bodies that brushed against them now and then with the movements of the paddlers, whose very fear added incitement to the beasts.
His handsome, delicate, and still youthful-looking face, to which his curly, glistening silvery hair gave a still more aristocratic air, lighted up with a smile when he saw Levin.
Before it, far out on the soft Turkish-rugged waters, went the glistening white shadow from his broad, milky forehead, a musical rippling playfully accompanying the shade; and behind, the blue waters interchangeably flowed over into the moving valley of his steady wake; and on either hand bright bubbles arose and danced by his side.
Each body of Japanese troops moved forward like a silkworm, leaving behind it a glistening strand of red copper wire.
Glistening Waters THE midday sun warms up my face, Most welcome in this freshening breeze.
Ristovic's verse is stark, glistening, and surprising, sometimes fantastic: poetry becomes "an elegant stalactite," "little zebras," or "a bidet" in this book, which is the Serbian poet's first to be collected with English translation.
Gross examination of the urine revealed an unusual hazy glistening appearance with white masses (Fig.
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And yes, there is plenty of glistening manly chest action.
London, July 31 ( ANI ): London Mayor, Boris Johnson, drooled over 'semi-naked' female beach volleyball players 'glistening like otters' in the rain, in a newspaper column.
The product consists of two shades - a bronze and a shimmer - which gives you the option of going for a tanned cheek, a glistening cheek, or a mix of both.
Though glistening with fat when gently pressed, they were very hot and of reasonable value at pounds 1.20 for 320g.
AUSTRALIA Glistening, who represented Luca Cumani when tenth behind Delta Blues in last year's Melbourne Cup, is to stay in Australia to race this year.
Lips are adorned with a just kissed pink lipstick and a glistening, shimmery rose hued glitter gloss.