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a rapid series of ascending or descending notes on the musical scale

(musical direction) in the manner of a glissando (with a rapidly executed series of notes)

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5) Reaplicacao da tecnica descrita na segunda etapa; porem com a duracao de um minuto no exercicio com glissando descendente e de um minuto com glissando ascendente, totalizando em dois minutos de realizacao da tecnica.
7 Annette Messager and Gerard Pesson, Rubato ma glissando (Festival d'automne at Maison de I'Architecture, Paris) Here audiences were welcomed to the garden of the Maison de I'Architecture by a giant, convulsing man--in actuality a white balloon inflated by strong blasts of air--before entering the venue in a somewhat ritualistic manner.
From a deft handling of the intro, "Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd," she swings into a long glissando line with "swing your razor wide, Sweeney / Hold it to the sky." It's scary!
Confirmation of proper needle position is obtained by having the patient sing an ascending scale or slide (glissando) and observing an increase in EMG activity as the pitch increases.
Technically, this work features alternating hand passages, leaps, and a glissando, as well as passages requiring control of melody and counterpoint within the same hand.
When the solo violin sizzles through a glissando, a dancer spins through a series of barrel turns.
The glissando sounds in track (3) start between loudspeakers
In the opening to George Gershwin's jazzy orchestral piece, "Rhapsody in Blue," the clarinet's smooth, sexy glissando up from that first note brings goose bumps to many concertgoers.
Venus is poignant and searching, Jupiter simply teems, Saturn is a marmoreal march-past and Uranus sears, with remarkable horns and organ glissando. Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance no.1 is a gratuitous encore, with the composer's beloved trombones fizzingly to the fore.
Today the performance practice tends to reduce the amount of harmonics and glissando, especially in baroque music.
Although these neumes have the same intervallic quality, each of them was intended to be uniquely different in sound, intonation, or interpretation (that includes a wide range of possibilities--accents, trills, duration, vibrato, portamento, dynamics, slides, grace notes, scoops, glissando, modulation, and more).
They have included advanced repetition scripting that helps avoid the machine gun effect, as well as easy to use glissando controls and complete continuous controller customisability.
What often causes a goitre on the human Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Superstar; 2 Grape; 3 An iodine deficiency; 4 Nashville; 5 U-shaped; 6 Glissando; 7 Giotto; 8 Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France; 9 Norman Foster; 10 Motor racing.
ROCK AND POP SEATTLE alt-folk-rock duo Trespassers William and piano band Glissando play Cardiff's Clwb Ifor Bach tonight.