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Synonyms for glissade

to move smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly

Words related to glissade

(ballet) a gliding or sliding step in ballet

perform a glissade, in ballet

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C'est une anomalie comportementale AaAaAeA mettre sur le comp du manque de sensibilisation aux risques encourus, notamment les glissades.
Then it's just a glissade." Nikki looked at her, chipped the snow with a frontpoint.
"Glissade is something new for us--and something different from the other bock beers out there.
In situations where you must break trail downhill and so cannot glissade, snowshoers sometimes run downhill in exaggerated steps, sliding slightly on the snow in a maneuver known as step sliding.
He's wearing orange coveralls and flip-flops, standing at the Boston Whaler's pedestal helm as we glissade over the dusky water.
Oneida is introducing two patterns with a modern feel, Velour and Glissade. Glissade features a soft arch while Velour's sleek and swept lines of bright polished stainless steel frame a satin finish.
(seI) CE acequia (a canal for irrigation), fiance SA sacred, dispensation SAI saint, sailor SE Seder (Passover service), Luiseno (a Shoshone Indian people) shimose (a high explosive), seance SI sind (to rinse), Sinaic SSAY essay(ette) SSEH medresseh (a Muslim college) SZAI szaibelyite (a hydrous borate of magnesium) CEE fiancee SAE saeter (a meadow associated with a dwelling) SAY saying, calisaya (a valuable Peruvian bark), soothsay SEI seigniorial, seine (a fishing net), abseil, nisei \sayyid SEY Seychelles, causey (a dam) SSA decussate, glissade, cessation SSE masse (a billiards term), chausse (shod) SSEI nissei (an American born of Japanese parents) ZE piazze (var.
Ne vaudrait-il donc pas mieux repenser la glissade du droit quebecois vers le courant americain, tel qu'illustre par l'arret Bridgestone/Firestone et adopter cette derniere approche?
The pair reach the summit just 31 hours after setting out from the bottom of the mountain, and glissade back down in three-and-a-half hours.
Not in the sense of one or two pages of stream of consciousness but in the way that constant use sees our hero glissade into the pubs, parties and clubs of the scene with all the grace of a witless idiot.
The imprudence of Professor Jardine's glissade into the heart of European history, to take on questions of traffic between Renaissance culture and the economy, is spotlighted by the nature of her factual errors and perfect innocence in the face of the historical background to her subject.
Learn the soubresaut (soo-brih-SOH), the glissade, and the saut de chat (soh-dih-SHAH), or "cat-jump", as well as many other moves.
We are not determined by-products: we are capable of |defactisation', of skiing over matter (|la glissade') and the weight of the past towards an open future.
Selon une source proche des travaux du G20, la glissade des devises de plusieurs pays emergents, vue comme une reaction a la hausse du dollar et non comme une politique volontariste destinee a rafler des marches, n'est [beaucoup moins que] clairement pas un sujet contentieux lourd [beaucoup plus grand que].