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Synonyms for glinting

having brief brilliant points or flashes of light

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Justin Maki of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the leader of the team that built and operates the rover's Navigation Camera, said that these can be caused by cosmic-ray hits or sunlight glinting from rock surfaces, as the most likely explanations.
CCTV cameras clearly show two men climbing over a neighbour's fence in to the MacGregors' back garden at 2.36am, and the blade of a knife glinting in the night as one of the intruders checks the doors and windows.
When his kid was at camp and Dad needed a break, he used to sit up there and drink Bushmills--I remember the metal foil of the label glinting in the sun.
I noticed this glinting jewel in his display case and simply had to share it with you.
Though the tenured Professor Taylor is indeed a jewel in the university's crown, a beacon in the department before which our dimmer lights pale (I count myself among these, having been unable to plow through the sprawling fields of Everlasting Vastness), and the lecturer for the immensely popular 400-level course "Page 88: The Punctuation," we urge younger professors to select a more holistic field of study, but not to neglect cultivating a focused expertise in one particular area, much the way the sun's rays may shine on the whole of a mountain, showering its vegetation and outcroppings in ultraviolet, but also catching a tiny reflective object borne by a lost wanderer and glinting, with devastating sadness--because, at last, that diamond-like glint is all that is ever worth seeing.
To see how fish react to glinting eyeballs, the researchers set a fake fish with LED eyes on each side of a big tank and loosed razorbacks in the middle.
but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Ocean Drive glinting in an MB showroom near you soon
In May, the Record told how his 18-year-old victim noticed the sun glinting off a lens.
There you are, floating, breathing, looking, surrounded by fish glinting in filtered sunlight.
Mr Bean told the judge: "Henderson was throwing punches from the outset, with a knuckleduster glinting on his right hand."
Tautly supple and rippling, like a well toned muscle, the lightweight screen filters and reflects light, glinting and sparkling by day and mutating into a gently glowing mass at night as light filters through the glass walls of the box.
"The diver spent the afternoon searching and was just about to pack it in when he saw something glinting in the sand.
With muskets blazing and swords glinting in the sun, dozens of amateur soldiers entertained children and adults alike with displays of jousting, sword fighting and archery.
White-blue in the cool morning air, the tallest peak in the world is luminnus, glinting as the sun rises against a clear sky.
Rubens delights in the positive: the rainbow symbolizing hope (and in itself so beautiful), the light glinting on the rich meadows, the benign cattle and their fruitful surroundings.