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the activity of flying a glider

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She returned gliding from the bedroom hermetically sealed in her black shawl just as she had gone in, with the protruding hand holding the lighted candle and relieved my perplexity as to her morbid turn of mind by telling me something of the murder story in a strange tone of indifference even while referring to its most horrible features.
Immediately a brilliant light from the next room, or rather from the palace adjoining, shone upon the room in which he was gently gliding into his last sleep.
Sultanate Gliding Team is promoting the sport of paramotoring in the Naseem Gardens venue of Muscat Festival.
A BRITISH pilot was killed in a gliding accident as he celebrated his 60th birthday with his wife in South Africa.
Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of full neurodynamics versus nerve and tendon gliding exercises alone in patients of carpal tunnel syndrome by subjective and electrodiagnostic studies.
Perhaps we should cut right to the life-saving takeaway: If you're engine-out in a typical single and gliding into a headwind of 15 knots or more, pitching down to at least 10 knots over published best glide speed will probably extend your glide range.
Calduza, 78, a resident of Barangay Bunga Mar, missed the annual Christmas Eve tradition of this town, 'Padagan sa Kometa (Gliding of the Comet).'
The tibia is restricted in gliding posteriorly on the talus.
REGARDING your recent article concerning the cutbacks to air cadet gliding in Wales (Air cadet centres in Wales are set to be scrapped), I'd like to pay tribute to all the volunteer staff who have been part of the two Welsh squadrons.
Muscat, Feb 25 (ONA) Oman Gliding Team will take part at the five-day Gulf Gliding Team Gathering in the sisterly State of Kuwait, which coincides with Kuwait National Day celebrations.
The origin of flight represents one such important transition and requires the integration of a suite of morphological, physiological and behavioural features, and it might have evolved as an energy cost-effective mode of locomotion in arboreal animals because gliding between trees consumes less energy and time compared to running and flying.
A couple of years before Peter Lanyon (1918-64) took up gliding, he painted Silent Coast (1957; Fig.
Also, rodlike bones covered in tissue membranes tend to accompany flying or gliding, as in bats and flying squirrels, Xu says.
Philip Pickett, 52, worked at Stratfordupon-Avon Gliding Club.
e Air League Trust charity, supported by British Airways, has created ish Airways, has created a gliding scholarship and is working with schools across the UK, including Excelsior Academy in Newcastle's West End, to lift nancial barriers and give teenagers the opportunity to learn to y solo.