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Synonyms for glide



Synonyms for glide

to move smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly

to maneuver gently and slowly into place

to proceed with ease, especially of expression


Synonyms for glide

a vowellike sound that serves as a consonant

the act of moving smoothly along a surface while remaining in contact with it

the activity of flying a glider

fly in or as if in a glider plane

cause to move or pass silently, smoothly, or imperceptibly

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We continue to be huge supporters of GLIDE and hope this auction will help further its mission of promoting equality and inclusiveness for all.
They call it "Speed to Fly"; for X headwind increase the indicated glide speed to Y for a new rate of descent of Z.
Glide is one of the London Stock Exchange's "1,000 companies to inspire Britain" and is set to post revenue of PS20 million by December.
affecting glide distance are forest structure and tree height, with denser forest of smaller trees reducing the possibility for long glides.
The Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special is a very special bike.
Caption: A paradise tree snake draped over a branch can launch in an instant and glide to another branch or to the ground.
The results show that the typical glide-path allocation resulted in lower ending retirement assets than either the balanced approach or the inverse glide path-even for the extreme bottom tail of the model portfolios' distribution curves.
Rather than maximizing the time in the air, it's more important to maximize the glide ratio; that is, the forward distance traveled per unit of altitude loss.
15 m sliding, sliding 12, 5 meters, 10 meters glide, glide 8 m, and was 200 meters.
We believe that a combination of Pfenex's proprietary rPA-based anthrax vaccine and Glide Pharrria's novel formulations and delivery technology will provide a product suitable in response to an anthrax biothreat," said Dr.
In terms of specs, the Samsung Captivate Glide is rather closely related to the Galaxy R - the two major differences between the two phones can be found in the screen department and, of course, the presence of hardware QWERTY in the case of the Captivate Glide.
Glide Technologies offers software for corporate communications and reputation management solutions to businesses.
The Pontoon Water Glide gives you a faster pontoon boat and helps to increase pontoon boat performance.
This study ("A comparative study evaluating the esophageal transit time of eight healthy cats when pilled with the FlavoRx pill glide versus pill delivery treats" in the Journal of Feline Medicine & Surgery, 2010) was designed to evaluate the esophageal transit time of tablets and capsules when administered with either the FlavoRx pill glide or Greenies Pill Pockets.