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Synonyms for glaze

Synonyms for glaze

a radiant brightness or glow, usually due to light reflected from a smooth surface

to give a gleaming luster to, usually through friction

Synonyms for glaze

any of various thin shiny (savory or sweet) coatings applied to foods

Related Words

a glossy finish on a fabric

a coating for ceramics, metal, etc

coat with a glaze

become glassy or take on a glass-like appearance

Related Words

furnish with glass

coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze

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I also found the perfect size of plastic zip-lock bags that were large enough to store the trays in so the glaze could be saved for the next day.
The flame then hits the pottery directly, resulting in raised blisters on the glaze surface.
3] are added to glaze (glass) together with screen glass waste.
i) Study of the relative importance of the various factors like (a) strength of colorant; (b) dispersion and stability (c) method and thickness of application (d) glaze composition and (e) fringe factors such as rate atmosphere and temperature to control the development of hard luster glazes
While black-glazed wares were made in China from a much earlier period, the type of glaze you can see on this pot is typical of Jian wares of northern Fujian province; although it has deteriorated in places through burial, you can still see how beautiful it is.
The trials also demonstrated that partial replacement of sucrose with Pa1atinosen[TM] in frozen packed donuts ensures a maintained glaze transparency throughout the freezing process and after defrosting.
iFrogz, a brand of ZAGG Inc (Nasdaq:ZAGG) specializing in mobile accessories, on Wednesday introduced the Glaze case for the Apple iPhone 5.
The crystal formations maybe the extension of a natural process but only a technically proficient ceramist can control the firing process to harvest crystals on the bed of the primary glaze.
You'll find information on glaze formulation; applications such as dipping, pouring and spraying; firing variations; characteristics of materials; testing; and even crystalline and ash glazes along with more than 100 recipes.
All it takes is some paint, glaze and masking tape.
The chicken glaze has a very lacquery, beautiful look from the pomegranate molasses.
Every new glaze or underglaze is completely nontoxic and safe.
The glaze is applied during production which creates a nice, shiny, extra crisp product on baking.
Benjamin Moore has launched Studio Finishes, a new series of products offering glaze and artistic surface effects for interior painting.
We offer two rib choices--small loin back ribs (also called baby back) and hearty spare-ribs--and two ways of flavoring the ribs: a dry spice rub followed by a finishing glaze or a double-duty marinade and glaze.