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a workplace where glass is made

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The Glassworks, 9pm, PS12 on the door SATURDAY
First, because of the impressive quality and creative achievement of MVM's productions; second, it was in Cappellin's glassworks that the young Scarpa, who would become a renowned architect as well as glass designer, spent his formative years.
With architecture and interiors designed by ASH NYC, Glassworks Bushwick is centered around the rehabilitation of the original Dannenhoffer Opalescent Glassworks factory.
Meanwhile, Tom, who lives in Washington,Tyne and Wear, added: "Daniel is one of the 19 young men from the Teams Glassworks who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and are commemorated on a company memorial plaque.
<B Chance Brothers Glassworks, Smethwick, appeared on the Victorian Society's "at risk" list last year
Loetz - or Loetz Witwe ("the company owned by the widow Loetz") - saw its fortunes turn in 1880, when the widow appointed her nephew, Maximilion Von Spaun, as head of the glassworks. Max realised quickly that to make this ageing company successful, he would have to do something radical.
The Chance Brothers Glassworks, in Smethwick, was built in 1824 and produced glass used in London landmarks the Houses of Parliament, the clock faces of Elizabeth Tower and Crystal Palace.
What characteristics now distinguish these optical glassworks? Without a doubt, the one descriptive word that perfectly captures these works is: 'sparkling.' Even applied to the various senses, the word will find its parallel.
glassworks' layoff, twins in coughing, our sand-filled lungs
Citadel Capital expects to complete its divestiture of Sphinx Glass, an Egyptian producer of float glass and portfolio company of non-core platform GlassWorks, by mid-July 2014.
The former looks at the history and location of glassworks, the glassmaking process, the types of glass produced and the cost of production, materials and labour.
Now he's a drudge in a glassworks with no opportunities to prove his skills or achieve his dreams - unless he can pass a difficult test.
Westboro-based lampworking studio Elsie Kaye Glassworks has received a grant of $425 from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.