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someone who makes glass

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Galle travelled extensively around Europe, gaining knowledge of glassmaking by visiting museums, and learning the technique of enameling, which he discovered in the Oriental collection at the Victoria and Albert museum in London.
In 1970s, glass manufacturing factories were mainly located in Bab Sharqi area and the total number of glassmaking workshops reached 17 in Damascus.
The method is more efficient than conventional glassmaking, which uses a mold that takes days to make and can be used only once.
Glassmaking is an intricate craft that takes years to master.
It's unlikely those discoveries come from the dawn of glassmaking, said conservation scientist Katherine Eremin of Harvard Art Museums.
The tournament also partnered with GlassRoots, a community organization based in Newark, New Jersey that fosters life-long learning and creative self-expression through the wonder of glassmaking. GlassRoots produced unique glass awards for the event that were designed and fabricated by Newark children.
He then introduced America to the centuries-old European concept of glassmaking, where a group of skilled artisans work together to create a piece of intricate art.
"The reason for this success is probably linked to what made Italian fashion so popular and famous," she says, pointing to the Italian creativity and craftsmanship of artisanal glassmaking, fashion-forward componentry and sculptural package design.
There's also a chance to experience the history of glassmaking with guided heritage walks along the canals, visits to churches frequented by glassmaking dynasties, pilgrimages to graves of famous glass makers and a hands-on opportunity to create new artwork using glass excavated from an archaeological dig at a former glassworks.
The family's glassmaking dynasty dates back to 1756, when Johann Leopold Riedel opened the family's first glassmaking works in Bohemia (part of today's Czech Republic).
Murano, Italy, February 25, 2015 --( Located in the northern Italy, the island of Murano is quintessentially famous for its unique glassmaking industry that produces a wide range of stunning glass art items using the traditional Venetian techniques.
James Maskrey, NGC technician and accomplished artist in his own right, first met Odundo in 2010 at North Lands Creative Glass, a glassmaking centre of excellence in Caithness.
Two of the earliest glassmaking furnaces ever discovered in the region have been revealed during the dig in Stourbridge.
Hearne (ed.), Glassmaking in Ireland from the Medieval to the Contemporary (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2011, 272 pp., [euro]35.00 hardback)