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someone who makes glass

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As well as being talented, creative glassmakers, they have become role models for many young artists.
The techniques covered include cast and mosaic, free-blown, mould-blown, cut, and decorated free-blown and, with few exceptions, these methods developed for shaping glass in antiquity are still in use by glassmakers today.
Glassmakers are already manufacturing bendable glass that's thinner than a human hair, and they say foldable glass is just around the corner.
The Japanese glassmaker was badly affected by the global recession as the building and automotive markets saw a huge slump.
In between, consumers and members of the trade had the opportunity to attend seminars such as "Resetting Your Taste Buds," featuring Colorado State University enologist Steve Menke, and a tasting event with Maximilian Riedel, 11th generation glassmaker.
It packs in color photos glassmaker histories, and offers an exceptional photographic reference and price guide to include good-sized color photos of glass and sidebars of the latest information.
Ernie Rice, 70, retired glassmaker, Throckley, Newcastle: I went to see ice hockey in Vancouver.
GLASSMAKER Pilkington has refused to rule out investment cutbacks at its UK plants in the wake of a massive anti-trust fine imposed by the European Union.
After the completion of the merger, Hoya, a high-tech glassmaker, said Pentax will be disbanded but it will retain the camera maker's brand name.
The World Packaging Organisation has awarded one of its top WorldStar Awards to a joint entry from glassmaker O-I and Polish brand owner Agros Nova for an innovative and appealing jam jar aimed at children.
i'm made of glass and my dad's a glassmaker i tell you
This case is closely linked to proceedings begun in March this year concerning flat glass, when statements of objections were sent to Pilkington of the UK, part of the Japanese firm Nippon Sheet Glass, French firm Saint-Gobain and Glaverbel, the Belgium-based unit of Japan's biggest glassmaker Asahi Glass (see Europolitics 3268).
said Monday its group sales and profit increased sharply in the first three quarters of fiscal 2006 thanks to its acquisition of major British glassmaker Pilkington plc as a consolidated subsidiary in June last year.
If a glassmaker tried to move his business to another city, the Venetian secret police were to track him down and cut his hands off.