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Synonyms for glass

the quantity a glass will hold


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a small refracting telescope

an amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride

a mirror

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glassware collectively

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furnish with glass

scan (game in the forest) with binoculars

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enclose with glass

put in a glass container

become glassy or take on a glass-like appearance

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The bands widths are characteristic of glasslike samples, whereas their positions correspond to stretching vibrations of oxide groups (phosphate and stannate): the band at 1078 [cm.sup.-1] is assigned to vibrations of the P[O.sub.4] tetrahedron with three non-bridging oxygen atoms (P-[O.sup.-]) while the formation of P-F bonds is indicated by bands at 1023 and 840 [cm.sup.-1].
Like my gator hide, this was dyed black and given a glasslike edge treatment that I'm told takes an experienced craftsman eight days of handwork to achieve.
The only thing to cap off this dreamlike state is to step into the giant hot tub, which is right on the jetty that juts out into a glasslike sea, dotted with distant sailboats.
The glasslike material "seals the container from the inside to protect the contents from oxidation," Amcor stated.
As the animals dry, the proteins fold into a glasslike solid that encases and protects other proteins and molecules that would normally fall apart when dried.
The different forms of carbon that have received attention are artificial graphites, glasslike carbon, carbon fibers (CFs) and carbon fibres mesh.
Mina is a glasslike coloured coat which can be stabilised by heat on different metals, particularly copper.
Mally Beauty wanted a lipgloss package with a glasslike quality--but one that is also squeezable.
Energy Department officials have spent tens of millions of dollars to design and construct the site's Low--Activity Waste Facility, intended to convert some of Hanford's radioactive waste into a glasslike product that could be stored underground in the future.
It turned out to be a fascinating story about the physics involved to create an almost perfectly spherical object that's glasslike on the surface."
Alessandro is inspired by the glasslike qualities of water and many of his works have a strong painterly quality.
While graphite electrodes can machine sharp corners with .001- to .0015-inch corner radii, Sarix has such minimal wear that corners can measure at 5 microns (.0002 inches), with a tolerance resolution of .000004 inches and glasslike surface finish (Ra 0.05).
Due to potential element-leaching that may have occurred in the delamination process, a comparison of the chemistries between the flakes and the vial glass/vial coating may not produce reliable comparative data, but the elemental composition of the flakes can be used to confirm if they are glasslike material.
The slide moves to the rear with a glasslike smoothness belying the solidity with which the barrel locks into place.