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someone skilled in blowing bottles from molten glass

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He began working with his glassblower father when he was seven.
You are greeted by the impressive cone-shaped entrance, which is a recreation of a "forest cone house", where four or five glassblowers would traditionally work blowing glass in pots.
Robyn has worked at Newcastle University for seven years after answering an advert for an apprentice glassblower in 2010.
One of the few resources left for the next generation is the American Scientific Glassblowers Society, a close-knit group that hosts national workshops and swaps ideas when a researcher's custom order stumps one of its members.
Crowley, a fifth-generation glassblower, has been working with stained and fused glass for 35 years, and has been blowing glass for 25 years.
As the project began to take shape about a year on, he began talks with Hussein Khalife, Lebanon's last glassblower who had planned to close his shop in Sarafand, where he and his family have been working as artisans for centuries.
The Simon Pearce Restaurant, originally established in 1983 as the Glassblower's Cafe, employs 20 to 25 people in the front of the house; 12 to 15, the back of the house.
In a studio, a glassblower makes one glass object at a time.
I reckon the phone lines at No10 were buzzing to put the old girl through the mangle, even if keeping Nadine in the camp when they up the booze allowance will have Cameron sweating like a glassblower's bottom.
Robert Phillips is a freelance glassblower, and his works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in the US and in Europe.
Tragedy: Embankment Staff said the 67-year-old retired carer and glassblower had drunk around three to four pints of lager mixed with lemonade, and they didn't believe him to be drunk when he headed home at around 3pm.
Unfortunately, Maria, a talented artist, would rather work with her brothers and the new glassblower Luca, mixing the raw stone and metals that make glass.
Notable people associated with Woodbridge include musician Richie Sambora, Olympian Dagmara Wozniak, glassblower Clarence Madison Dally, wrestler Dawn Marie Psaltis, etc.
But I soon changed my tune after breathing through my a*** for 10 miles, sweating like a glassblower's gonads and hobbling into Parkhead like a cross between Groucho Marx and Douglas Bader.
He developed into a Venetian master glassblower and glass designer whose work is on display in museums and galleries throughout the world.