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Synonyms for glaring

Synonyms for glaring

extemely bright

conspicuously bad or offensive

Synonyms for glaring

shining intensely

conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible

References in classic literature ?
"Oh, go long!" exclaimed the five men in one voice, raising themselves on their hands and elbows, and glaring at the speaker.
At this, after a second in which his head made the movement of a baffled dog's on a scent and then gave a frantic little shake for air and light, he was at me in a white rage, bewildered, glaring vainly over the place and missing wholly, though it now, to my sense, filled the room like the taste of poison, the wide, overwhelming presence.
'Mutton to your Ma, Bella, my dear'; and 'Lavvy, I dare say your Ma would take some lettuce if you were to put it on her plate.' Mrs Wilfer's manner of receiving those viands was marked by petrified absence of mind; in which state, likewise, she partook of them, occasionally laying down her knife and fork, as saying within her own spirit, 'What is this I am doing?' and glaring at one or other of the party, as if in indignant search of information.
And they all made a fierce fight over one poor wretch, glaring evilly at one another with furious eyes and fighting equally with claws and hands.
BRITAIN'S intelligence community has a "glaring lack" of ethnic minorities in senior positions, MPs have warned.
* Disability glare threshold (the point at which subjects could no longer see a target through a glaring ring of light) (13)
"He has glaring faults and they have certainly glared at us this term" - Stephen Fry discloses an extract from one of his school reports.
Is there going to be a return to Victorian times, covering up the legs of pianos?" Comedienne Jenny Eclair, amid reports that London Underground may ban a semi-naked poster of her "I have had amnesia ever since I can remember" Comedian Ken Dodd who admits, at the age of 88, that his memory is failing him "He has glaring faults and they have certainly glared at us this term" Stephen Fry discloses an extract from one of his school reports "Peter had very few friends he could really trust.
Glare disability is the amount of glaring light that can be tolerated by a person before vision is severely impaired.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Italy has rescued about 4,000 immigrants trying to cross the Mediterranean by boats to reach its shores in the past two days, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Wednesday, calling the crisis "increasingly glaring".