glandular disorder

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Lawyers say he also suffers from the glandular disorder hypoglycaemia which rendered him 'temporarily insane'.
My neighbours are aware I suffer from a glandular disorder and have no way of controlling my weight.
Airlines assume that everyone who flies is a member of WeightWatchers, while Las Vegas reckons that everyone has some kind of glandular disorder and needs bucket loads of high cholesterol meals to keep them on an even keel.
But so far, there's no evidence of a glandular disorder.
Arnold Plotnick, owner of New York City's Manhattan Cat Specialists, describes hyperthyroidism as the most common glandular disorder in cats, second only to diabetes.
Recovery period was prolonged with underlying conditions of Aspergillosis and glandular disorders (Labrador retriever).
As the profiles progress through the century, some killers are shown on autopsy to have organic brain conditions, head injuries, or glandular disorders that affected their behavior.