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Synonyms for glamour

Synonyms for glamour

Synonyms for glamour

alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal)


Related Words

cast a spell over someone or something

References in classic literature ?
Bob Glamour blows his nose, and Jonathan of the no surname is moved to do likewise, but lacking a pocket handkerchief abandons that outlet for his emotion.
It's to be hoped he'll make a better use of his life,' says Bob Glamour, 'than I expect he will.
Even the newest of the docks, the Tilbury Dock, shares in the glamour conferred by historical associations.
Now I, Mopo, saw the glamour that had fallen upon my fosterling, and spoke of it with Galazi, saying that a means must be found to wake him.
Perhaps when he went to Paris he was too old to fall a victim to the glamour of his environment.
I suppose that if I once cherished such a passion for Pope personally that I would willingly have done the things that he did, and told the lies, and vented the malice, and inflicted the cruelties that the poor soul was full of, it was for the reason, partly, that I did not see these things as they were, and that in the glamour of his talent I was blind to all but the virtues of his defects, which he certainly had, and partly that in my love of him I could not take sides against him, even when I knew him to be wrong.
To the boys there was at least some glamour in the pirate calling; but all that she saw was that the ship had not been tidied for years.
The others had but followed the glamour in which she walked, but I had pierced it and found the woman.
The glamour of romance with which her imagination had invested him faded away in the cold light of fact that he was an ex-laundryman.
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We have more than 400 items - with lots of sequined gowns - donated by Janet Leigh, Florence Henderson, Rhonda Fleming and Candy Spelling,'' says Cheryl Schreiber, manager of Celebrity Glamour Shop, in Los Angeles.