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Synonyms for glamourous

having an air of allure, romance and excitement


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If you fancy an earlier night, maybe it will be a drink at your favourite, Sassy Stryker live drag in Glamourous and a taxi home.
Tonight sees international artist Polara hit the stage, while tomorrow the Glamourous Saturday Show will see the in-house crew, led by Glamour and dancing boys, incorporate special guest Champagne Shirley.
But now the glamourous blonde has revealed how it was "a very traumatic and difficult time".
Chief executive Prof Andrew Tannahill said anyone who saw the devastating effects cigarettes have on the body would know smoking was anything but glamourous.
J-Lo also told US Weekly magazine her life is nothing like the glamourous partying people imagine.
He added: "I am hoping to keep updating the collection with new and more glamourous photos of Teri.
Tonight at Glamourous there's the return of Vida Las Vegas, a great cabaret drag artist, while tomorrow you can see the Glamourous Saturday Showcase with Vida returning as special guest.
With hardly any make-up, her hair scraped back and an over-sized shapeless blue jacket Julia, 36, looks far removed from the glamourous beauty we know and love.
But she made sure she was in the royal box in time to welcome the Queen and other members of the family to the glamourous event - with its usual host of beauties in the crowd.
She revealed: "I don't always want the glamourous, jet-set life.
But if out-of-contract Dailly grabs the chance to play in the world's most glamourous league, United won't get a penny.
Tonight, however, you can start your evening at Glamourous where international artist Lady Imelda is on stage at about 11pm.
HOLLYWOOD star Catherine Zeta-Jones is to shed her glamourous image to play a drug addict in a new movie.
It is believed that according to Sajid's instructions Zarine has lost weight to look glamourous for the film but bikini is out of the question.
Alexandra Parker impressed the judges with her performance - and her glamourous outfit - on Saturday's show with David Hasselhoff complimenting her on her "lovely string section".