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Synonyms for glamourous

having an air of allure, romance and excitement


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Much like Samantha, she seems bold, glamourous and fun.
Summary: Hollywood's finest headed to a selection of glamourous post-Oscar parties once the formalities of the show were wrapped up.
Greenfly - the first short story - describes a woman who has quit work and spends her days playing computer games and fretting about a greenfly infestation, while her husband becomes infatuated with a glamourous new work colleague.
Now the small Da Vinci celebrates a glamourous new image for ladies-with new dial colours and firework of sparkling diamonds.
Maybe that is why officials from more glamourous climes of Mexico and New Zealand failed to make formal bids to the IAAF to stage the World Half Marathon Championships next year.
I was eight months pregnant with my daughter, Aanya, and these glamourous ladies couldn't have been nicer.
But her plans for this glamourous and promising new job didn't foresee getting mixed up with the spoiled teenage millionaire TV star Cassandra Cass
The twenty-nine essays comprising Single Woman Of A Certain Age range from desperation to optimism, from bad moods to good grace, from the glamourous to the mundane, all the while keeping a focus upon the benefits and travails of living solo in a coupled world.
Often those same people who so willingly subscribe and share the spiritual medicine dispensed by pop icons and television hosts are the ones who dismiss or are cynical of the daily acts of kindness and love performed by those less glamourous people of faith working tirelessly in their own backyards, whether they be local clergy, friends or neighbours.
The glamourous evening view--adorned by Jay Jopling of White Cube, Samuel Keller of Art Basel and (right) the artist himself with Sotheby's vice president Robin Woodhead--was exclusive for a reason: only a few staff were invited, and the rest were told to leave the building by 7pm.
European designers showcased an abundance of glamourous suits and coats to keep you warm this fall and winter.
GLAMOUROUS ex-Casualty actress Jan Anderson says she is moving to Toronto to pursue a career in movies.
Looking on is Auckland Hospital ICU nurse Shanyn Alliston, in a far less glamourous outfit of regular scrubs.
American businesses prided themselves on making nothing but better marketing plans while they distanced themselves from industrial workers by delegating manufacturing responsibility to "consultants" and "contractors" who managed the less glamourous work of producing actual consumer goods in grisly sweatshops around the world.