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Synonyms for glamorize

interpret romantically

make glamorous and attractive

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Anything that glamourises violence should be removed - the appropriate authorities should move in to remove that.
The life-long Millwall fan says: 'Some people hate it because they say it glamourises violence but nobody says it's not true to the subject.
It is disgraceful that a high profile actor is openly involved with foxhunting as it glamourises a cruel, barbaric sport.
Sereny is sympathetic to Mary's plight, but never glamourises her.
A BBC1 spokeswoman said: "It is part of a storyline that in no way glamourises the use of knives.
However, furious politicians and anti-drugs campaigners say it glamourises drug-taking.
American psychologist Judith Sills says: "A world that glamourises 17- year-olds makes everyone older feel a constant sense of loss.