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Synonyms for glamor

alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal)


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So all through the poem we are enchanted or lulled by the glamor of words.
congressman in 1885, "are sustained in the discharge of duty by the rush and conflict of physical forces, the hope of earthly glory and renown." A 1917 handbook on army paperwork was "dedicated to the man behind the desk, the man who, being away from the din and glamor of battle, is usually denied popular favor, yet who clothes, feeds, pays, shelters, transports, and otherwise looks after the man behind the gun." (Whether in warfare or business, logistics is the quintessential "unglamorous" but critical support activity.)
Food Network celebrity author David Rosengarten will offer fall cooking classes at catalog retailer Kitchen Glamor.
The five are: # Freddie John - Under11 Welsh squad/captain Under11 Cardiff & Vale of Glamor gan.
# Aneurin Norman - Under12 Welsh squad/Under12 Cardiff & Vale of Glamor gan.