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Synonyms for gladsome

marked by festal celebration

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experiencing or expressing gladness or joy

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Whole parts of gladsome scene were captured by cameramen.
Here's what to do: Wait until everyone is quiet and then say, "Let us with a gladsome mind, praise for the Lord for he is kind.
Faint is the voice that bears gladsome tidings, small the measure of happiness in the world .
OVER the weekend in the Scottish Highlands, I heard gladsome tidings that the ginger rodent, aka Treasury Minister Danny Alexander, may be caught in a trap.
with the setting of the sun, "turned to dance and gladsome song,
And it is certainly befitting of all that is associated with gastronomic, gourmet and gladsome.
Expect early songs from Boat To Bolivia, Gladsome, Humour And Blue and Salutation Road and current material.
The show, called Skilful Hands and Gladsome Hearts, has been curated by Gillian Grute and aims to highlight needlework by Catholic convents.
It is the extended family that I find irksome, but it is a gladsome thing that our house is too small to be able to offer them Yuletide hospitality.
If he did, that's gladsome news for those bored residents.
The author goes on to describe the places where jazz is played as "wonderful refuges of basic folk-lore and primeval passion" where "wild men and wild women have danced to jazz for gladsome generations" (27), and he begins his conclusion by combining all of the racial implications of the foregoing passages into Vachel Lindsay's poem "The Congo," essentially reducing jazz musicians to a couple of drunken animals that bang on tables and empty barrels:
J]urisprudence is not a dark lantern, shining in a narrow circle, and never changing, but a gladsome light, which, slowly emerging from original darkness, grows and spreads with human improvement, until at last it becomes as broad and general as the Light of Day.
Its gladsome glades are girt about with mists, And o'er its sward a slumberous streamlet twists, Flowing like Lethe, soundless.
THE gladsome sound of Sally Army brass bands belting out Jingle Bells and Hark The Heraldputs a bounce into Christmastide as traditional as John Betjeman's haunting ``And is it true,This most tremendous tale of all.
And to my heart are still endeared The thoughts with which it then was cheered; The faith which saw that gladsome pair Walk through the fire with unsinged hair.