glacier lily

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dogtooth violet of western North America having bright yellow flowers

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Books, art and crafts with natural history themes will be sold, such as the Mission Bells and Glacier Lily posters and T-shirts of local artist Tanya Harvey.
Our long-term goal in this study is to understand the impact of grizzly bear digging for glacier lily (Erythronium grandiflorum Pursh; Liliaceae) bulbs in subalpine meadows, on both spatial (meadow-wide) and temporal (decades) scales.
Grizzly bears produce patches of tilled soil when they forage for glacier lily bulbs in subalpine ([approximately]2000 m a.
Glacier lily bulbs were randomly collected at Logan Pass in July 1994, while plants were in full flower, and again in August after shoot senescence.
The total number of seeds per glacier lily was determined in 1994.