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covered with ice (as by a glacier) or affected by glacial action

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The mountains here were shrouded in a long, grassy robe which came up their sides and changed abruptly into the dense covering of scree which was common throughout this freshly glaciated landscape.
At 24 places water coming from glaciated valley or nalas showed zero amount of arsenic, while some nalahs contained 36.
The announcement was likely to reignite a heated debate within DRC over the merits of exploring for oil in the vast park, which covers some 7,800 square kilometers (3,010 square miles) of lush forest, glaciated peaks and savannah in the restive eastern province of North Kivu.
The whole planet would become glaciated and its mean temperature drops to as low as minus 45C.
Mixed phase clouds will produce circular polarization states that are intermediate between those of purely liquid water and completely glaciated clouds.
The A level group in particular went to Cwm Idwal to study a glaciated area and this made the study day all the more beneficial.
Water shortages could exacerbate once the glaciated area comprising over 5,000 glaciers, shrink in the coming decades and the possible extinction of some alpine flora and fauna would be more pronounced negative impact, Dr.
Driving up and down roads that resemble roller coasters, I wondered if the hills are moraines and whether Chiloe was glaciated during the last ice age.
Known as the central lowlands, the middle and western counties are dominated by glaciated plains, fertile soil, gently rolling hills and substantial agriculture.
The bodies of the two guides and four climbers who fell to their deaths last week on the 14,410-foot glaciated peak may never be recovered because of the hazardous terrain, authorities say.
The mountain range, the most glaciated part of the world outside the polar regions, is classed as a sub–range of the Himalayas and spans the borders of Pakistan, India and China.
With its architecture grafted onto alpine slopes, the aid is a palimpsest of glaciated ges-tures--formations, geological and man-made, that have accumulated across generations.
The use of till geochemistry for W exploration in glaciated terrain is well documented (e.
If the greenhouse gas composition of the atmosphere was comparable to current levels then the Earth should have been permanently glaciated but geological evidence suggests there were no global glaciations before the end of the Archean and that liquid water was widespread.