glacial boulder

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a boulder that has been carried by a glacier to a place far distant from its place of origin

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It is part of Mr Kedge's long-term mission to share the fascinating geology of the stone with a wider audience and he has published a pamphlet and developed a glacial boulder walking trail.
Visitors see the glacial boulder on a geology field trip and, below, dog training on |the Chase (picture by Steve Welch)
The group started Monday and hopes to work through Tuesday with plans to complete a trail from Butterworth Road past Osgood Swamp to Rum Rock, a glacial boulder in the Massachusetts Audubon Society's Rutland Brook Wildlife Sanctuary.
The spring of pure water bubbled up into a stone cyst which was covered by a huge glacial boulder called the Radford Boulder, which some said marked the centre of England.
Other glacial boulder debris containing high-grade base and precious metal values are also located on the property.
It was all over in the blink of an eye for those watching as 93 cyclists, who climbed the hill from nearby Brocton, crossed the line near the Chase's Ice Age Glacial Boulder in a matter of seconds before charging off to the outskirts of Rugeley and back to Stoke-on-Trent, where the day's 146.
We ended up choosing a glacial boulder as the focal point of the development in its central plaza.
A glacial boulder approximately 1 kilometre southeast and down ice from the Main Zone assayed 4.
But our appetites have been whetted for an area which also includes military cemeteries, war memorials, dry pits, a glacial boulder from Scotland, a Castle Ring and views over Staffordshire's Vale of Trent from Brereton Spurs Picnic Place.
The discovery was made by the vendors of the property who initiated an intensive search for the source of high-grade nickel-bearing float found in a glacial boulder train.
The areas in between the play zones will also be terraces and include clusters of smooth glacial boulders creating a playful landscape as well as a setting for the play area.
From August 30 until October 13, you'll find her compelling works, which evoke giant glacial boulders, along some of the preserve's birch-lined trails; near the Main Pond, Bird Marsh, and Japanese Garden; and on The Bluff, overlooking Puget Sound.
It is formed from two giant glacial boulders balanced precariously on top of one another.