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having no hair or similar growth

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However, glabrousness has also held cultural significance for several millennia--affording a distinguishable physicality to notions of class, youth, femininity, and beauty.
Glabrousness has long since held a practical cultural function.
Thus, given that ancient Egyptian life was "governed by religious principles," and although the ancient Egyptian's celebration of sexual diversity means that celibacy was unlikely a popular practice, a widespread and direct translation of the religious significance of glabrousness into its sociopolitical significance is plausible (David 139).
From this point onward, the sociospiritual, aesthetic, and sanitation motivations for glabrousness gradually extended their appeal beyond ancient Egypt to find expression through the classic two-dimensional and sculptural forms of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.
Beyond Europe, glabrousness was also enjoyed in Ancient Britain.
Maintaining the Protective Cocoon: Glabrousness in the Late Modern Age