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having no hair or similar growth

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Leaves alternate; petiolate; blades oblanceolate to orbicular, coriaceous, pinnately veined, margin entire, often revolute, usually glabrous.
fulvus, but distinguished by its glabrous pronotum and the missing long setae on dorsal portions of the elytra.
0 mm long, 4- or 5-celled, substrigose; laminar tissue between veins glabrous on both surfaces, or near the costules and sinuses very sparsely puberulent abaxially, the hairs ca.
14 amps) was applied to the glabrous surface of the paw through the glass plate.
Leaves alternate, rigid; sessile, clasping; blades linear, ovate, subulate to oblong, parallel veins in the sheathing portion and one prominent central vein in the blade, margin entire, revolute, glabrous above, pubescent beneath.
1 mm, otherwise like those of the pinna rachis, adaxially eglandular, glabrous to sparsely pubescent, scales absent, the hairs 0.
Sori covered by rolled under leaflet edge; leaf blades glabrous or pubesecnt, but lacking white gland-tipped hairs; rhizome scaly or hairy.
Hind coxae with dense coarse punctation at the center and remainder with intermediary punctation, except glabrous area near sulcus of the anterior region (Fig.
Young leaves differ from the glabrous adult leaves by having papillate glandular hairs.
40 x 10 mm (the inner ones much reduced), about equalling the sepals length, inconspicuously and sparsely white-lanate at apex to glabrous, green, densely spinose, spines irregularly curved, ca.
Leaves rosulate; pseudopetiolate to petiolate; blades spathulate, pinnately veined, margin sinuate-denticulate, glabrous to pubescent.
Cheliceral faces swollen, glabrous, yellowish, lateral longitudinal carinae present, four retromarginal teeth subequal in size except smallest subproximal.
Paramere slender, digitiform, weakly bent backwards in the middle, evenly tapering to apex, which strongly sclerotised and forms inwardly directed hook; outer face almost glabrous, inner face bearing sparse long setae.