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a smooth prominence of the frontal bone between and above the eyebrows

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Looking ahead, we are preparing for a 2019 Biologics Licensing Application (BLA) filing for RT002 to treat glabellar lines, while increasing our pre-commercial initiatives as part of the Revance Product Launch Velocity Plan in facial aesthetics.
The primary efficacy endpoint was measured on Day 30 and a responder was defined as a glabellar line scale (GLS) score of 0 or 1 at maximum frown as assessed by the investigator.
Glabellar frown lines were measured at the level of the upper border of the eyebrows.
simehensis (Ghobadi Pour, 2006) by its pitted ornament covering all the surface of the cranidium, larger and more prominent anterolateral glabellar lobes and a deep preglabellar furrow not fading medially.
The Glabellar flap was used in our study to cover dorsal nasal defects not involving the tip.
Table 19: Incidence of EPS Compared to Placebo in the Adjunctive Therapy Bipolar Depression Studies Adverse Event Term Placebo LATUDA 20 to (N=334) 120 mg/day (%) (N=360)(%) All EPS events 13 24 Ail EPS events, 9 14 excluding Akathisia/Restlessness Akathisia 5 11 Dystonia* 1 1 Parkinsonism** 8 13 Restlessness 1 4 Note: Figures rounded to the nearest integer *Dystonia includes adverse event terms: dystonia, oculogyric crisis, oromandibular dystonia, tongue spasm, torticollis, and trismus **Parkinsonism includes adverse event terms: bradykinesia, cogwheel rigidity, drooling, extrapyramidal disorder, glabellar reflex abnormal, hypokinesia, muscle rigidity, parkinsonism, psychomotor retardation, and tremor
The injections can be used to treat crow's feet, glabellar lines, and lines across the forehead, around the mouth, laugh lines or bands on the neck.
She had prominent grasp reflexes in both hands, + glabellar reflex, and + palmomental reflex bilaterally.
Keratotic plaque was also present on the glabellar area of forehead (Figure 4).
11,12] A meta-analysis of published seroconversion estimates the rate of development of antibodies to BTX A for various conditions as follows: cervical dystonia (4 of 312), glabellar lines(2 of 718), OAB (0 of 22) and hyperhydrosis (4 of 871).
Aging also affected the bones of the middle part of the face, including reductions in the glabellar (brow), pyriform (nose), and maxillary (upper jaw) angles.
2002 yilinda glabellar cizgilerin, 2004'te ise siddetli primer aksiler hiperhidrozisin tedavisinde BoNT kullanimi FDA tarafindan onaylanmistir.
Other clinical features include secondary motor symptoms (eg, hypomimia, dysarthria, dysphagia, sialorrhoea, micrographia, shuffling gait, festination, freezing, dystonia, glabellar reflexes), non-motor symptoms (eg, autonomic dysfunction, cognitive/neurobehavioral abnormalities, sleep disorders and sensory abnormalities such as anosmia, paresthesias and pain).
In 2002, the Food and Drug Administration approved Botox Cosmetic for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines (the vertical "frown lines" between the brows which often appear as an "11").
Glabellar bolgede yapilan uygulamalar sirasinda da ust goz kapagi pitozisi, kasta pitozisveya rotasyon, anormal kas pozisyonu ve diplopi olusabilir.