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a smooth prominence of the frontal bone between and above the eyebrows

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Facial Height: The distance between glabella and the symphysis menti was measured using the sliding calliper.
2 Nasofacial angle (30-400): it is formed by drawing a vertical line tangent to forehead at the glabella and tangent to the chin at the pogonion so that a line drawn along the nasal dorsum intersects it.
The alimentary canal is visible on the occipital ring, but its anterior continuation on the glabella is not known, as the axial part of the cephalon shows only the lower ventral surface of the hypostome (Hy in Fig.
sup][1],[6],[7] Our results show that the direction above the glabella was most reliable in the majority of the patients [Figure 2], it is different from Ward et al .
A second case series, published in 2013, describes 50 female patients, one-half depressed and one-half non-depressed, all of whom received 20 units of BTA into the glabella.
Head Length: The straight distance between the glabella to the inion measured by blunt end type spreading calliper.
In the case of the length of the ear, the variables taken into consideration were nasion to subnasale, glabella to subnasale, glabella to trichion, and subnasale to gnathion distances.
The head-circumference (HC) was measured between the glabella anteriorly and along the most prominent point posteriorly by cross-over technique, measured over the parietal eminence.
Glabella (Gl): The most forwardly projecting point in the mid-sagittal plane at the lower margin of the frontal bone.
4] OFC was measured to the nearest cm with a non-stretchable tape, using the glabella and the tip of the occiput as the landmarks.
All of these horrendous symptoms were caused after a filler was administered to the glabella area, just above the nose bridge, which then spread to her eyes, filtering into her blood circulation and then her brain.
These front chambers are located in the frontal bone at the glabella level, frequently extending to the supraorbital arches.
Bunlara ek olarak Romberg testi, tasma hareketleri, tremor, 5 dakikalik bellek, 10 dakikalik bellek, ritim tutma testi A, konver-jans, bakisi sabit tutma guclugu, glabella refleksi, dudak uzatma refleksi, yakalama refleksi ve emme refleksi testlerinden olusan diger alt baslik bulunmaktadir.
In order to characterize cranial morphology, the cephalic index (CI) defined by the ratio between head width (HW = greatest breadth, at right angles to median plane) and head length (HL = summit of glabella to farthest occipital point) (CI = HW/ HL x 100) was calculated.