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a smooth prominence of the frontal bone between and above the eyebrows

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The relationship of the ear with the glabella and subnasale was observed to see if the position of the ear could be determined.
Cephala of Krattaspis are also flattened and the glabella and furrows are deformed or even distorted (see Parnaste 2003, text-fig.
Glabella means "the smooth area between the eyebrows just above the nose.
To determine the cephalic index (CI), a spreading cranial calipers (GPM Instruments, Switzerland) was used to measure the euryon-to-euryon distance divided by the distance from glabella to opisthocranium.
Note: Pellaea glabella Mettenius ex Kuhn, Smooth Cliff-brake, occurs in adjacent Marion County, Tennessee (Cumberland Plateau) in crevices of limestone cliffs and ledges.
The hyperpigmentation appeared as reticulated, blue-gray patches on the glabella, malar eminences, neck, upper chest, and distal aspects of the arms and hands.
In addition to having a dark olive complexion, she was noted to have blue-black pigmentation in a partifollicular distribution of the chin and glabella.
Shaped like a huge Calymene, Fortey reveals that guests would be able to dine under the glabella - a part of the cranium - and learn history under the thorax.
yangtzeensis Lu, 1975 from the Tremadocian Nantsinkwan Formation of northwestern Hunan, South China, in all aspects of the cephalic morphology including: (1) shape and proportions of the cephalon, which has a maximum width at about onethird cephalic length from the posterior margin; (2) a gently tapering forward to almost parallel-sided glabella with a faint transverse glabellar furrow situated just anterior to the elongate, suboval glabellar node; (3) broadly triangular basal lobes connected to each other by the low and narrow transverse band (Fig.
The Soprano ICE Multi-Platform offers several modules including Speed(TM) technology, allowing practitioners to perform more sessions in half the standard treatment time, the Compact(TM) applicator allowing for versatile treatment methods, the Facial TIP for treating small or hard to reach areas including the ears, nostrils and glabella, and ICE(TM) proprietary advanced contact cooling technology.
glabella, Gymnocarpium jessoense, and Dryopteris fragrans.
Examination revealed disfiguring gummatous lesions infiltrating the skin of the nose, glabella, and forehead, with clustered nodules in the left interciliary region (Figure).
For definitive rehabilitation, osseointegrated craniofacial implants (two positioned in the premaxilla in the nasal floor and one in the glabella, if necessary) and a metal support bar to stabilize the prosthesis are best for anchoring a nasal prosthesis to the skull.