giving medication

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the act of administering medication

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AIT'S better to get to the cause of the problem anyway rather than continually giving medication.
Giving medication only to non-drug users was not the most expensive approach, but it prevented the fewest new infections, according to the study.
Under the policy, nurses could be giving medication in order that an asylum seeker could be deported to his or her death.
Daniel works as a staff nurse at Monkwearmouth Health Centre, where he specialises in caring for patients with life limiting illness in their own homes, whilst David is staff nurse at the Pallion treatment room where his nursing duties include taking blood, dressing wounds, giving medication and injections.
Hooper, who was manager of the home at the time, is accused of negligence in staffing, management and systems in giving medication.
Plans for a register of social care staff were unveiled today as a report revealed almost half of England's nursing and care homes are failing to meet national standards on giving medication.
He says a high proportion of people with dyslexia have problems with their inner ear, which can affect balance and co-ordination, and his treatment involves giving medication to ear problems.
Tips for preventing accidental ingestion of medications in your home: -- When taking or giving medication turn on a light and read the label to ensure you're taking the right medication and dose.
As any pet owner knows, giving medication in tablet form to a dog or cat can be a difficult, frustrating and time consuming procedure," says Mr.
Alabama's rates for giving medication to prevent a repeat stroke at the time the patient left the hospital have increased from 80% in 1998 to 91.
In terms of RNs and ENs giving medications from DAAs, legislation does not prevent this, but RNs and ENs must also operate within their professional scope of practice, which includes to their level of education and authorisation by the NMBA.
We know that giving medications will reduce patients' risk, but we shouldn't put all our eggs in that one basket," he said.
The article also point out that nurses have to assume control of their practice by following the standards of practice as pointed out by the state and agency for which they are employed, calling the physician repeatedly (even if they might get angry), telling the supervisor they cannot work that extra shift and not letting anyone interrupt them while giving medications.
Doctors treat chronic fatigue syndrome by helping patients to sleep better, giving medications that improve mood, and advising them on how to pace their activity so that they don't overexert themselves.
following appropriate procedures when giving medications through a feeding tube;