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Synonyms for giving

the imparting of news or promises etc.

disposing of property by voluntary transfer without receiving value in return

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Giving someone your undivided attention, sending a sick friend food, a grieving friend your love and companionship are all ways you can continue to keep giving.
The report is based on newly released data from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropys Philanthropy Panel Study (PPS), which tracks more than 9,000 individuals' and families' giving and dynamic factors that influence those practices (e.
Here we give you 10 prominent billionaires who have joined The Giving Pledge:
That complements the psychological explanations--there's something incredibly satisfying, inherently, about voluntary giving.
When we fail to include charitable giving as a line item in our personal or family budgets, we spend (or in the frenzy of holiday shopping, overspend) money we could have earmarked for the causes we believe in.
But giving oneself to another requires that the other is able to receive that self-giving.
He followed that up with two straight losses, giving up five runs on nine hits in just 3 fr 2/3 innings against the Diamondbacks on April 22.
The same survey found that online giving increased by more than 50 percent in the past year.
It's a fine line with employees giving," said Cindi Canary, the executive director of the Illinois Campaign/or Political Reform, a Chicago nonprofit that researches the role of money in politics.
While the publisher does not need to do anything in this reselling or giving away of his or her information, the publisher does get paid for it--and can control it, since the publisher's server keeps track of all subscriptions and handles fulfillment.
We begin each performance by giving it away," says Ballet Austin about its outreach programs; the title of Artistic Director Stephen Mills's ballet Touch articulates exactly the promise that company makes to its community.
1982) (A military corpsman was justified in entering the suspect's apartment to retrieve the object found in a child's throat so that the doctor could decide the proper medical procedure in giving aid to the child.
But important it is, as reiterated by managers who share their perspectives on gift giving.