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the quality of being granted as a supposition

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A claim is made that a set of beliefs is responsive to some independent givenness, to some independent determinacy [that might be located in the world or in the subject]; but then the postmodern thinker replies that what is thus being measured up to is itself an artifact produced by that which is supposedly being sensitive to it.
Interpretations of their significance can vary, but not the fact of their givenness.
We must realize that leadership it's not a givenness, but the constant work upfront.
In his great philosophical trilogy--Reduction and Givenness (1989), Being Given (1997), and In Excess (2001)--Marion's departures from Heidegger are again revelatory.
But these all involve the application of certain assumptions and categories, such as causal determinism or theories involving complex molecular mechanisms, to explain our experience, and they inescapably involve the selection of certain features abstracted from the primodial givenness of this life world for certain purposes.
A former student of Derrida, Marion explores the idea of givenness through discussions of the work of Levinas, Heidegger and the phenomenological lens.
The sharper mysteries begin to impart their givenness.
For example, the Kantian forms of intuition presuppose a prior original givenness of space and time (58-9).
Native feminist theologies fundamentally challenge the givenness of U.
If I learn my desire via imitation, then the very givenness of what I want is a mode of making me more like the one from whom I learn my desire.
Of course, Husserl was acutely aware that full intuition was not always possible; he analyzed representation as much as presentation, and recognized as early as the Logical Investigations (1900-01) that there are various modes of givenness (signitive and imaginative, anticipation and recollection, as well as the perceptual).
Russell gives natural-law ethics high marks for its appeal to reason, recognition of objective morality and the common good, and respect for the givenness of the human situation.
First, he managed to assign to the face-to-face with the other a relation that is irreducible to the givenness of sense by intentional consciousness as well as to understanding as a way of being of Dasein.
The final section takes up evolution and meaning and looks at the work of Daniel Dennett as well as concepts of stewardship and givenness.
Our making takes place within an ultimate givenness.