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the quality of being granted as a supposition

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Whitehead does not fall prey to the myth of givenness because he has rejected the fundamental premises upon which analytic philosophers have framed the problem.
Nevertheless, two approaches to anaphora resolution are relevant for this study, syntactic prominence and givenness. Syntactic prominence (grammatical structure) was held constant, while givenness was manipulated on the level of both information structure regarding the pro--drop feature of Croatian and visual context.
Literature, in its turn, dramatizes the difficulty by which branches of knowledge negotiate the givenness of their own founding principles.
(47) Rather than following the implications within a determinacy that might lead us to something more developed, in such reflection each determinacy is taken by itself in its appearance of immediate givenness, at least initially, and thereby any connection it might have with other similarly pregiven concepts is regarded as external and contingent.
The pre-prefix is related to specificity, it can be determinative and it is a reference marker, and we thus propose that the pre-prefix in Luguru is related to givenness. The pre-prefix is more frequently used when the noun phrase is not in the scope of focus, i.e.
Her nonfiction titles include the essay collections The Givenness of Things, When I Was a Child I Read Books, Absence of Mind, The Death of Adam and an environmental wake-up call titled Mother Country.
The foci of these different literatures are related to some inscription of human interest that remains ironically outside of history; and requires accepting the givenness of its subjects as a transcendental object that becomes the origin of change (see Popkewitz, 2013).
The Givenness of Things: Essays, by Marilynne Robinson.
To summarize the approaches of Hart and Manoussakis we could present the following points of the aesthetic theology that could be applied for film analysis: 1) the givenness and unexpected vision of Beauty; 2) personal rather than conceptual experience of Beauty; 3) Beauty evokes desire and response to the transcendental; 4) Beauty bridges the transcendent and the immanent and creates the experience of distance; 5) Beauty is life-giving and life-preserving.
Vint explains, "The prefix 'ab' means 'away from' and so the ab-real flees from and refuses the givenness of realism, but without doing so in any particular orientation away from realism." Thus ab-realism does not oppose realism directly, but rather "multiplies our understanding of realism fractally, to include possibilities not dependent for their shape on their particular relation to the world as described by realism" (44).
THE GIVENNESS OF THINGS: ESSAYS By Marilynne Robinson Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 304 pages, $26
In chapter 9 ("Topic and topicality in text: A contrastive study of English and Spanish narrative texts") Hidalgo and Downing present the findings derived from the exhaustive English-Spanish contrastive analysis of topic organization they develop in a corpus of comparable and parallel narrative texts, in which special emphasis is given to the similarities found in the two languages and across genres concerning Topicality (aboutness and frames setting topics), on the one hand, and Info Status (givenness of the discourse referents), on the other.
The highest aim is to apperceive death not as the givenness that everything will be over one day but as a state of consciousness ignorant about such givenness.