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the quality of being granted as a supposition

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The idea that consolation arrives through the apprehension of objects in their givenness involves coming to an understanding of givenness consisting not simply in the objectivity of the object but also in its historical provenance, in the temporality of its withdrawal into itself (into its nonobjective "thingness").
48) Thus also arises the problem of access in a phenomenology that limits itself to givenness within experience: how can we gain access to the inner existence of the animal in such a way as to render its own manner of being explicit?
As a scholar she is the author of books of essays, of which the latest has the lovely title The Givenness of Things, "Givenness" implies both God's gifts, bestowals of sheer existence to be apprehended by laypeople, and data, "givens" (plural of Latin datum), facts behind existence to be revealed by scientists.
These are difficult questions, and as Marilynne Robinson's The Givenness of Things sees it, there are no easy answers to them.
Because the concept is nothing other than the logical activity of uniting a manifold, and therefore it is only an actual concept on the occasion of the givenness of the manifold, that is, the sensible matter.
The highest aim is to apperceive death not as the givenness that everything will be over one day but as a state of consciousness ignorant about such givenness.
Heidegger's fundamental philosophical interest, as opposed to conceiving being as "the givenness and availability of entities," might be expressed in the following questions: "What is produces (poien) givenness?
2) Stein claims that we are able to intuit the general fait accompli of the givenness of living existence, and especially of an ensouled body.
Givenness and Hermeneutics, Marquette University Press, Milwaukee (WI), 2013, 77 pp.
This traditional understanding focuses, one might say, on persons in the second sense at the expense of the first--on the mastery of voice rather than its givenness as not-yet-formed potential.
What distinguishes Bombay cinema from Hollywood cinema despite the close proximity of narratological techniques between the two is the absence of any givenness of the idea of heterosexual relations in Bombay cinema in contrast to Hollywood cinema's taken-for-grantedness of such relationships.
This givenness is the seeming, "ontic" existence of a thing, determined by a (human) subject, a determination that Kant develops as the a priori synthetic judgment that grounds reason.
Bracketing those seven chapters are an introduction and a conclusion where he argues "all these philosophies seek in various ways to move beyond the anti-foundationalist or deconstructive moment and do so in the name of what might be called the groundless or non-foundational ground of the real, conceived variably as givenness, sense, technicity, plasticity, the sensible, the multiple or the One.
Are we so numb to the givenness of life itself that we have to scramble to find reasons for gratitude?
Waiting', 'Zigzagging') are haunted by the immovability, the unjustifiable givenness of the structures around them.