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the name that precedes the surname

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Khalifa, whose given name is Cameron Thomaz, included "Most of Us" on the 2016 album "Khalifa," which peaked at No.
Kid Rock has been teasing a possible run for Senate - but if he decides to get serious, he might have to list his given name on the ballot.
Aestr Bnam of Kuwait, also Aestr Senegal, Aestr Kahissaun, and others [Facebk] AETRS persons with the given name Aetr, such as Iraq residents Aetr Namawe and Aetr Aljannah [Facebk] Short for average effective tax rates 'What explains the recent decreases in AETRs ?
Saudi Arabia has banned some 50 names for newborns on the grounds that they are blasphemous and contradict the culture of the country, including the given name of Israel's very own Prime Minister Netanyahu, Hretz reported.
The government would pick three judges from given name to constitute final panel which will hear treason case against former military dictator.
While his" given name may refer to the Seneca Nation, it could just as easily refer to the Roman stoic philosopher by the same name.
Footprint Those of the past, their footprint did lay, For ever on the earth, making to stay, From that of kings to the pauper's door, That of humans, animals, the given all, All a part of the earth's chain, Only she in the end, us to gather and claim, We make our stamp whereever we roam, Whether near or far fromhome, Then what is home but a humble shack, That the elements of earth, any time may attack, We only have our memories with us to stay, Those, we of self, take them away, The akashic records they are called, Belonging to the infinite, we call Lord, But the earth will regenerate again and again, We are just a part of her with our given name, So be careful of your footprint today, Thoughts of them, only you take away.
2 Which TV presenter had the given name Robin Olden but was more familiarly known by the surname of his father's stage name?
Summary: Imagine two persons, who have the same given name and surname, also having close similarities in their parents' names, dates of birth, signatures and even in looks
Paying attention to the implications of the narrative's choice of the man's given name or surname results in the perception of a subliminal subtext.
The New England Patriot's receiver, whose given name is Chad Johnson, makes his living off a leather-clad football, yet he doesn't see the hypocrisy in telling his (few) fans to give up wearing fur.
Mr Altman said the youngster, whose given name was Amanda, was "slim, pretty and intelligent" and popular with her classmates at Heathside School in Weybridge.
Bill Ramshaw writes: "We adopted a boy from Middlesbrough, who was born on April 24, 1972, with the given name of John Bell.
When Ma Cheng, whose family name, Ma, is very common, tried to renew her card, a Beijing official objected to her given name, Cheng, which has one of the 33,000 unrecognized characters.