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the name that precedes the surname

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This occurred because the two-character given name usually consists of a generation name that identifies individuals by family, a naming custom that will be described later on.
Similarly, the statute provides that if the mother is not married at the time of birth, the parent who will have custody of the child shall select the child's given name and surname.
Agapito is a Greek cognomen, but Andrea was a given name that could be found among both Latin and Greek families.
HARRIS ROBERTSON IS one of the most influential women in American history, though almost no one has heard of her and I couldn't tell you her given name.
Sarah Cannon is also the given name of longtime Grant friend and fellow-Tennessean Minnie Pearl.
Sources said that Federally Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA) Secretariat had decided to recruit women in Levies Force and initially 'Women Levies Force' has been given name of 'Ladies Searchers'.
Mr Altman said the youngster, whose given name was Amanda, was "slim, pretty and intelligent" and popular with her classmates at Heathside School in Weybridge.
He conceded that JUI-F has given name of one of its members for the Commerce Committee chairmanship.
The single God Given Name features on her new album Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams.
Louisiana's newly elected Governor abandoned his given name, Piyush, when he was 4.
ERSAT a Turkish male given name, such as Ersat Hurmuzlu, author of Irak Turkleri, 1991 [Net]
His given name is Hyun Choi Conger, and he received the name ``Hank'' from his grandfather in reference to slugger Hank Aaron.
Indeed, the Albany editor quotes The Associated Press bureau chief in Portland as saying Saddam prefers that the given name (Saddam, not Cher) be used on the second reference.
A native of Tokyo, Kojima, whose real given name is Fumio, was a apprentice sushi chef before performing as a comedian at striptease theaters in the Asakusa and Ikebukuro districts.
Sulayman X, who converted to Islam in 1993, is a journalist who lives in a large Asian city; for fear of retribution he does not use his given name.