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Synonyms for given

Synonyms for given

having or showing a tendency or likelihood

Synonyms for given

an assumption that is taken for granted

acknowledged as a supposition


Related Words

(usually followed by 'to') naturally disposed toward

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Given 5 stars on January 7 Balti Hut, Roman Road, Linthorpe.
We encourage regifring--there are so many things we have been given over the years that do not get used, or which are read once and forgotten.
When he gave up the second-inning run on Wilkerson's fly ball it, was the first run he had given up at home this season.
Should there be, then I have not given myself entirely, but partially.
On any given day, nearly half of the hospital patients at the Medical Center in the Bronx are there for some complication caused by diabetes--stroke, heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, toes or limbs that need amputating.
Some courts, including the Tax Court, historically have given no weight to revenue rulings, on the theory a ruling is merely an interpretation of the law asserted by one of the parties in litigation.
Or, at Least that's the theme dominating the alumni fund's 2005 e-mail campaign, with each edition pairing an alumnus who has given a small amount each year with a researcher at the school who has made an important contribution to his or her field.
We approach the table after having given thanks for all that God has done for us and for the world.
Several decades previously, she had given away her five infant daughters and had replaced them with five girls adopted from other families and fated to become wives to her five sons.
These digital tickets (like the subscriptions themselves) are small codes, as short as four characters long, that can easily be written down or given over the phone, but are almost impossible to guess.
Comedies were to teach a moral, though the moral was given only in the prologues and epilogues.
Funds were given to The Newberry Library for indexing and archiving Barzel's sizeable and irreplaceable collections.
Under that exception, officers are permitted to make a warrantless entry to arrest a suspect based on the consent to enter given earlier to an undercover officer or informant.
Syrup and inukshuks, as well as samples of northern fish were given to the southerners as a representation of Northern Ontario waters and vast wilderness.