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They, along with thought leaders from business programs and universities, bring a broad perspective to help us all envision how we can better give voice to our own values and help others do the same.
We need an army of smart, committed and idealistic people to give voice to the voiceless and produce tangible change in our society," he said.
His earthy vocal and subtle acoustic guitar give voice to narrative tales of taxi drivers, superheroes, ill-fitting shoes and serial killers, punctuated by brief instrumentals.
This book is a collection of contemporary works by members of The Trotter Group, today an organization of black columnists who "give voice to the joys and pains of their people."
Bishops will meet in groups of 40 or 50 to help give voice to those who aren't comfortable with parliamentary procedure.
It's not just the writings of Hurston that are significant; it is the many women she has influenced, has shown the way to give voice to heroic and joyful female characters using black vernacular, culture and traditions.
Data fell into the following six emergent dimensions of constructivist/inquiry-based dialogue: 1) awareness and sensitivity to context 2) empowering and give voice 3) finding commonalities and building on diversity of understandings present 4) dynamic feedback processes guiding change 5) learning serving development of coherent frameworks to guide decision-making and 6) constructing a caring and interdependent sense of community.
Tales From the Front Lines will feature guest columns from municipal leaders across the North each month, allowing them to give voice to the unique issues facing their communities.
The essays included in this publication give voice to the work being done by women's health activists who attended the Meeting.
Monahan's excavations give voice to all that is unspeakable in Buren's formulation, bringing an unnerving audibility to the profound ambivalence of object making in what might be called the post-poststudio era.
Slow Foods give voice to the grower/producer with the hope that if the consumer is informed, then an informed choice will be made when buying one's food.
Advocacy: TEI's efforts to give voice to business community concerns about tax law and regulations expanded significantly during the year.
MIT professor turned anti-terror investigator John Kenner and his aide Sanjong Thapa are the characters that Crichton frequently uses to give voice to his criticisms of global warming.
But we're not just looking for your story; we're looking for a way for HIV+ women to express themselves, to heal themselves, to give voice to an experience inside themselves.
Summer: "I know, I'm just doing that thing where I pretend I don't know and have to use a lot of descriptive insults to give voice to my inner pain."