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give expression or utterance to

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One of the measures which has been acclaimed by Scandinavian researchers is the 'scribbling wall,' where young people could give vent to their bottled-up feelings by scribbling their thoughts on the wall," Mr Sami reports.
Popular fury over the film has led to riots and violence in many places as people sought to give vent to their fury, combined with their frustrations with US policies.
The citizens demanded immediate repair of tube well and restoration of water supply otherwise they will go on roads to give vent to their sentiments.
London, Sept 30 (ANI): Michael Jackson's sister La Toya took to her Twitter page to give vent to her emotions while appearing in the Los Angeles Superior Court to hear the Dr Conrad Murray Manslaughter trial.
Summary: MORADABAD(Cihan) -Artists, students and local residents in Moradabad came together on Thursday (June 30) to give vent to their angst against corruption through colours.
Impact general secretary Peter McLoone said: "The people that we represent now want to give vent to their anger and their frustration and that's why they are taking to the streets.
There are many cricket pundits who give vent to their own inadequacies by going after the man in charge in their columns.
Similarly, it ill behoves our PM, or any members of his government, to give vent to similar condemnatory language when referring to how other countries cope with freak weather conditions, or run their countries either.
Take the opportunity to give vent to all your frustrations and slag off the boss.
We can indulge in road rage attacks carried out for the most trivial reasons, give vent to our anger and frustration by attacking pensioners and if they should die as a result, well, we might go to prison for 18 months or so but, hey, that's a small price to pay for the pleasure of losing self-control and hitting someone.
Anyone venturing into Albert Square this week would be wise to duck, as both Stacey and Pat give vent to their anger.
Perhaps I may best give vent to my enthusiasm by saying that, if a genius in the field of philosophy is to be defined as one who can ask questions nobody is able to answer, a genius in the field of literature may be regarded as one whose work produces in those of us who propose to write, a feeling of the utmost depression, culminating in a desire to destroy all that we have previously written and to retire to some convent, such as that of mathematics or the sciences.
Why, if you were sooo disgusted by the booing of Brian Quinn at half-time in the Hearts defeat, did you wait two months to give vent to your annoyance?
A society that sneers at those who call for restraint of basic human instincts, sex especially, as ``hypocrites'' encourages young people to give vent to their impulses.
It emerges at the end of the novel that the different characters are circulating a fictional account that they have created to give vent to their suppressed fears, and to the evil latent within their hearts.