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Synonyms for Devil

the Devil


Synonyms for Devil

a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

one who causes minor trouble or damage

Synonyms for Devil

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He still has us in stitches with his comedies and moved by his tragedies - to give the devil his due.
Give the devil his due, Ben seems genuinely fond of Kalyan.
But Muslims should give the devil his due. At least Paswan announced his alliance with the BJP before the elections, not after his candidates won Muslim votes.
One can admire this book's dogged insistence that every previous historian has been wrong about the role of religion in 1688, but ultimately such reluctance to give the devil his due produces a surprisingly narrow understanding of revolutionary change.
If debutant director Neeraj Pathak still manages to give you a gripping story by way of Right Yaa Wrong, give the devil his due. The film has been touted as a thriller but it plays out more like a tense melodrama.